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The tarot is a unique lens with which to see yourself (and others). It is a tool for accessing your intuition and can assist in understanding the past, navigating the present and intentionally shaping the future. In this class you will explore your intuition in relation to the cards along with gaining an understanding of each card, how to create spreads for reading the cards, the history of the cards, reading tarot cards for clients and so much more! Join Jeff and unlock the secrets to reading the tarot for yourself, for friends, for family, and for clients!

Learn to
Read the
Accelerated-Introduction-to-the-Tarot-Design by Bojan Maksimovic Artifacts
accelerated Introduction
To Reading The Tarot

Join Jeff for a 2.5-hour introduction to reading the Tarot. 

We will be learning: Tarot History, Tarot Key Words, Tarot Numerology, and the Major Themes.

You will need to bring your own deck of Rider-Waite Tarot cards. 

Space is limited.

$50 for participation.


"Took this course last night. It is a must for anyone interested in learning the Tarot. I can actually read and interpret (on a beginners level), and plan to take the more advanced course in the future. Jeff is an excellent teacher. This is the second class I have taken from him (after Reiki 1 & 2, and I definitely recommend him for any class he offers." [Accelerated Introduction to the Tarot]- Bonnie Mecante;  Nashville, TN

"Hello Jeff!  I would like to take a moment to thank you for the wonderful Tarot class on Wednesday.

It exceeded my expectations and was very informative. Your words gave me goosebumps a few times! I’m extremely grateful for being of part the class. Have a fantastic day!"- Anonymous

"I Took this class a couple years ago and loved it. Still use what I learned almost weekly. If you’re on the fence, I encourage you to take the class!"

- Paula Smith, Franklin, TN


Learn to read the


Are you new to tarot reading? Are you seeking a tool to assist you in developing your intuition? Just curious? Want to see if

you may be able to use your intuition to assist others while supplementing your income?

Join Jeff for a 2-day course where you will receive a solid understanding of the tarot, as well as the knowledge and experience of having actually conducted tarot readings!

Learn to Read the Tarot Students will walk way with:

• The scientific explanations and studies for how tarot readings work
• The history of the Tarot
• How to connect with the cards, your guides, and your intuition
• Major themes in the Tarot (Suits & Elements)
• The Court Cards (Who are these people?!)
• The Major Arcana
• The Minor Arcana (Pip cards)
• Numerology in the Tarot
• Yes & No cards
• How to do basic card readings (spreads)

It's In the Cards!

COST: $400

RSVP & $200 deposit is required to secure your spot!

Take your life, your creation, your manifestation into your own hands!  Your class includes instruction, demonstration and a reference manual to be taken home.  ***Please bring your own deck of Rider-Waite Tarot cards.

Scroll down to the bottom or visit the Testimonials page to see what Jeff's students have to say.

Learn to Read the Tarot 2
Learn to Read the Tarot 3 2019
Learn to Read the Tarot 2 1029


“Jeff Crawford is the real deal.  You enter a palpably judgement free zone the minute you meet Jeff.  If you’re fortunate enough to hear anything about what he’s personally been through, and the work he’s done to go from survive to thrive, you cannot help but put your full trust in his knowledge and care. …His abilities will make a difference for you!   The Tarot workshop I participated in with Jeff was stellar. His command and intuitive capacity with it is simply astonishing. And there’s no unnecessary woo-woo, no “window-dressing”.  He teaches you to develop an intuitive and highly personal way of using the Tarot.  He’s so good my wife decided to work with him more intensely as a mentor.   Jeff is a modern Shaman supreme.“

-Chris Hanckock, LCSW Nashville, TN

"WOW! Just WOW! Recently took Jeff's 2 day Tarot workshop and was completely blown away. He will make your brain hurt - in a good way. You spend time really "feeling" the cards, expressing what you are seeing and picking up from them. Really diving into each one and seeing how it correlates with life. He made it easy to understand as well as remember and light bulbs were going off in all of our heads! There is no way anyone can walk away from this workshop not getting their money's worth!"

-LayNa Bolen, Hermitage, TN

"I'm new to the Tarot and have always been curious. I'm very glad to have come across this class! The whole time I felt that we went deep into the symbolism and spirituality of the cards, as opposed to being in a strictly academic class. I was intently attentive during the entire 2 day course. We practiced Tarot readings in class and had an overall great time. Since taking the class, I've been doing several readings on a few people and I'm very surprised by how well I've been using the cards, just based on Jeff's effective teaching techniques. I will most definitely continue taking his other courses and probably take this one again, just to get even more in-depth into this subject. I highly recommend anything offered from Jeff!"

- Alexander Johnson

"My interest in Tarot dates back to twenty years. From the moment I had my first reading, I was amazed
by the great insight that the cards can provide. Over time, I tried to satisfy my curiosity through books,
which kept me limited. Finally, years later, I came across Jeff’s webpage with the advice of one of his
former students. After taking his Intro to the Tarot class, I knew that Jeff is the perfect instructor for me.
In a two-day intensive course, Jeff patiently and professionally guided his students into the magical
realm of the Tarot. He shared his knowledge and his experiences readily with all of us. His simple but
detailed description of the cards, well-defined interpretations, and the logical explanation of the
connections between the cards helped me gain a deeper understanding of the Tarot reading. I highly
recommend Jeff to all those who are ready to take a journey into the spiritual world of Tarot.
Thank you, Jeff!"

- Gonul Cannon,  Birmingham, AL

"Jeff is an amazing shaman, healer and teacher. I have been lucky enough to not only experience Quantum Light Shamanic Healing and Reconnective Energy Healing from him, but have also taken his Reiki and Tarot classes. With each experience, he has proven to be intuitive, loving and extremely knowledgeable. The healings I have received and the classes I have taken have been truly life changing. I highly recommend working with him and experiencing his light and love."

-David Harris, Nashville TN

"The 2 day Tarot class led by Jeff was more than an educational experience. Yes I learned a lot about the cards and reading them but it was more than this. It was the practice reading the cards, the confidence gained and the validation to continue working with them.  It was a privilege to learn from Jeff and share this experience with  the remarkable group of people that found their way to the class I was in.  I look forward to another class with Jeff."

-Amy Taylor

"I learned more in Jeff’s 2-day [Tarot] workshop than I had in struggling for quite some time trying to learn and interpret card meanings on my own. Jeff’s systematic approach helps you quickly synthesize the meanings and relationships of each card within the broader context of the Tarot story.

In addition, Jeff provides a warm, “safe” space to share your experiences and be vulnerable to learning something new. I highly recommend this course and I intend to take other courses with Jeff."

-Julie G.

"When I signed up for Jeff’s "Learn to Read the Tarot” class, I simply didn’t believe that he’d be able to teach me the Tarot in two days.  I just didn’t believe it.  Jeff did not disappoint! Not only did I learn the Tarot, but I left the class feeling confident that I could give a reading to others.  To say “I’m pleased.” Is an understatement. He simplifies it and will not move on until you’re comfortable.  Please don’t rely on YouTube to teach you Tarot.  Go to someone with a reputation that can take the time you need to help you fully understand the process.  Thank you Jeff! "

- Tira Adams

"This was an amazing class taught online by Jeff Crawford. His personality had no trouble shining thru the computer. The class was fun, engaging, and we all learned more than we could have imagined!"

- Katherine Fulk, Pegram, TN

“This class has been an amazing & life changing class.  It was taught in such a manor that you can truly relate with each Tarot card and be able to apply what has been taught to the Tarot readings. The psychic attunement was extremely spiritual & life affirming ….to have my light within shine in order to bring healing to others.  I highly recommend this class to all!” 

- M. Martin

- “Jeff, many thanks for a truly wonderful Tarot class. Your very special spiritual and healing way of teaching was profound. I walked away with a strong love, appreciation and understanding of the Tarot and the Fool’s (as well as my own) spiritual journey. …”

- M. Grogan

“I have learned more in two days than I have learned from the many books I have read.  I wish I would have taken this class long ago.  I can’t wait for your next classes!! Thank you for your wisdom!”

- M. Hancock

"I had an amazing time during the tarot class.  It was fun and filled with so much useful information.  I was blown away by all of the additional messages hidden in the cards.  I have a better understanding of the tarot and excited to explore further.  I am so grateful for this transformative experience.  Thank you Jeff!"

- Vonna Dailey , Clarksville, TN.

“Thank you so much for an excellent 2-days class.  I have taken classes for many years and the reading of the cards eluded me until I participated with your teachings.  I now have a clear and practical understanding of how to read and understand the cards and their prophetic messages.  I will be back to take more classes with you.  You have a wonderful way of sharing your knowledge and the learnings you have developed.  Your pleasant manner and freely sharing knowledge makes you the best teacher I have ever been fortunate to work with.  Thanks, and the chicken soup was great! ” 

-B. Dillard

"Thanks again for hosting the tarot class this past weekend! It was fun, engaging, and really helped me build out the skills I'd already cobbled together myself. "

- Laura Hornsby

"Jeff is a great instructor!  He made the information fun and interesting, which made the material easy to grasp.  I highly recommend this course!  Looking forward to Tarot II?"

- Mary Glesige

“Jeff’s class was amazing! I went in and had never even had tarot cards before, but after the class we shared with him, I understand so many different aspects and have more understandings of the cards as well as the meanings. This class was amazing! Thank you!” 

-Amanda Shores

"The class was perfect.  There was a lot of material to cover, but Jeff broke down the material in segments and allowed us to practice and understand before moving forward.  Excellent job!  I highly recommend this class!"

- Janet McCormick

"Jeff was extremely professional. He made me feel at ease immediately. I definitely left with a clear sense of knowing which path I should follow. I will absolutely be returning for more guidance in the near future. Thanks for a clearer understanding as to why I have been limiting myself."

-Jana W. Brentwood TN

"This class has exceeded any expectations I may have had on the first day.  I can see how to appluy these experiences and lessons in my life to help improve my abilities to navigate pathways.  I am overwhelmed!  Thank you, "

- "Queen of Swords"  Shannon Rich  Nashville, TN​

"There would never be enough room here for all I'd want to say about Jeff. Jeff is a no b.s., no bells and whistles, mutli-disciplinary healer. He is trained in, skilled at, and teaches various modes of energy healing. He's an intuitive and an authentic Shaman-- as recognized by a Peruvian indigenous tribe of shamanic healers. (Healers are plentiful, but this is RARE). Jeff's ability to read and heal on the energetic, soul and spiritual level is bar none. He combines his God-given gifts and nuts and bolts training in a way that makes him a thoroughly modern mystic of sorts. Jeff is also a Tarot Master. Don't be fooled by popular conceptions. The Tarot is a powerful, ancient tool, not some eye-patch wearing gypsy shell game carny scheme. Jeff KNOWS (and expertly teaches) the Tarot. Combined with his intuitive prowess, it's a powerful tool for insight and awakening in his hands. Last but not least, Jeff's insight and intuitive capacity makes him a thoroughly effective life and spiritual coach. In this work, he gets right to the heart, right to the point about what needs addressing, in an empowering manner. Jeff and I share many clients. He sees what I cannot and does what I cannot do. Invariably, my work is enhanced when people combine therapy with his healing ability. "

-Chris Hanckock, LCSW

Nashville, TN

"This [Tarot Weekend Intensive] class was amazing! Reading the Tarot sounds like it would be quite complicated but to my surprise it wasn't. By the end of class I was giving a reading and it was easy! Jeff taught me what I needed know about the cards and pointed out the little details in the cards that I would have discarded as unimportant and he's straight to the point. If you're thinking about learning the Tarot for your own knowledge or to read for others Jeff is definitely your guy! Thanks Jeff!"

Carma Halley

Nashville, TN

“I have worked with Jeff in a few different ways; as teacher, practitioner, and healer.  His background in the church (similar to my own) coupled with his love and mastery of the Tarot put me immediately at ease.  He is a strong teacher and isn’t afraid to call me on my sh*t.   Working with Jeff doesn’t feel like I’m being powered over by him, rather, he is working with the wisdom and healing capacity inherit within myself. “

-Kimberly Clo, Nashville, TN


Services and Classes offered by Jeff Crawford including Quantum Light Shamanic Healing, Reiki, Reconnective Healing® and The Reconnection®, Distance Healing and Animal Healing are Alternative Practices, are not regulated as a medical practice, nor are licensed by the state. Energetic Healing is not therapeutic or diagnostic by design or intent. Jeff Crawford is not a licensed physician and makes no claims of medical efficacy, nor does he guarantee any specific outcomes. He does not diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. All medical questions are to be referred to your personal physician. You may be fortunate enough to have your expectations fulfilled through your sessions and you may be even luckier to have an experience which you could not possibly have anticipated. Do not suspend your prescribed medical treatments without consulting your physician.

No psychic or tarot reading given by Jeff Crawford is intended to nor should it take the place of professional services including, but not limited to medical, legal, financial, business and/or psychological. Nor can Jeff assume any legal liability for any damages or alleged damage, losses, or other direct or indirect consequences of any client decisions/actions subsequent to or based on tarot readings or teachings. Tarot readings are subject to interpretation and should not be taken as absolute.

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