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Reiki 1&2

Reiki originated in Japan as a healing art and has been carried for many years across geographical barriers, through times of peace and  war and can be found practicied among people in many different spiritual traditions. The word broken down is Rei (Universal Life) and Ki (Energy). It is Universal Life Energy. It is not affiliated with any particular practice or belief, making it accessible to all.  Reiki is the life force that flows through all things and can be accessed by practitioners to faciliate relaxation, stress relief and healing on all levels. It can assist in the removal of blockages on all levels and can be a benefit to all.


Usui Tibetan Reiki Levels 1 & 2

WEEKEND INTENSIVE Certification Class and Attunements 

Join Jeff for a 2-day certification course for anyone wishing to be attuned to Reiki levels 1 & 2. Participants must attend both days in order to receive attunements and certificates.

Reiki I & II Classes with Jeff Crawford are eligible for 12 LMT CEU’s approved by the National Certification Board of Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork (NCBTMB)].


Saturday, 9AM - 7PM & Sunday, 9AM - 7PM

Reiki I (Day 1) we will learn:

• The history of Reiki

• What Reiki is

• What makes Reiki different from other healing modalities

• The 3 degrees of Reiki and the significance of each

• The attunements and the significance of each

• How to use energy in everyday life

• How to Ground

• The importance of thoughts and intention and how to use them

• Legal and Ethical information for Reiki practitioners

• Reiki hand positions and their functions

• How to discover and use your own natural power


Reiki II (Day 2) we will learn:

• Chakras – Vibrational Colors and Meanings

• Density of the Aura

• Aura Color Interpretations

• The first three Reiki symbols and their meanings

• How to conduct a Reiki session

• Practical guidance for starting a Reiki healing practice

You will receive Reiki Level 1 & 2 Attunements
Then we will spend time conducting actual Reiki sessions!

Upon completion, class participants will have received the necessary attunements, information, practice and certification to open their own Reiki practices!



Invest in Your Healing

COST: $600

RSVP & $300 deposit is required to secure your spot!


Scroll down to the bottom or visit the Testimonials page to see what Jeff's students have to say.

April Reiki Class 2


“Jeff is an excellent teacher. He presents the information in an understandable way and gives many examples and follow-up questions to make sure everyone understands the information and the symbols and how to use them. He keeps is EGO in check and has a real sense of service to the class and the subject he is teaching. His teaching materials are organized and researched and very valuable. I look forward to taking more classes with him.”

-D. Arnholter

"I cannot think of any way in which this course could have been improved (exept by giving me years of experience)".

Stephen L. Reisman, M.D.

Nashville, TN

"I took this course initially out of curiosity as my background is a traditional medical doctor.  Jeff's course left me inspired, curious and with whole- hearted intention to practice Reiki in addition to my current practice.  Fabulous course content!"

- Christopher Patton, M.D.

Nashville, TN

"I had already taken Reiki 1 and 2 from a different instructor, but I was curious about Jeff’s class. I had high expectations for Jeff’s teaching based on his experience with Reconnective Healing, Distance Healing, and as a shaman. Jeff surpassed my expectations. I got an abundance of information and preparation that I didn’t receive the first time I took Reiki 1 and 2. He prepared us on how to create a Reiki practice. He consistently built up our confidence in our ability to practice Reiki. The attunement process was more detailed than what I experienced before; it included a guided meditation, meeting a spirit guide, and most students felt the presence of the lineage in the room. It was a small class of six students so every person had the opportunity to practice giving and receiving a full Reiki session multiple times. I feel confident creating a Reiki practice after receiving this class from Jeff Crawford. I am very grateful for his work."

- Stephanie Paul, LMT

“I was extremely pleased with the Reiki 1 & 2 courses.  I came to the class with little understanding of how Reiki worked.  I now have an incredible understanding of this new way to give love and light to the universe.  Jeff is incredible with his teaching methods … Thank you so much, Jeff.  I really enjoyed the class! ”

-S. Hull

"Moral of the story: even when you know something, there is more to learn.... and Jeff's classes are so worth the time and money to invest in yourself!  I already had taken Reiki 1&2 from another teacher when I first met Jeff. I was looking to complete Reiki 3 and was referred to Jeff by a good friend. Reiki 3 was phenomenal! I realized at that class that there was a lot missing in what I had learned from my prior teacher.

So I have been 'catching up' with Jeff. The order has been backwards but so very helpful! After Reiki 3, I took Jeff's class for Reiki 1 and 2. I felt such confidence after this Reiki training!

Then, I decided to take Jeff's class on distance healing. I really wasn't expecting a lot more with distance healing but I was wrong! I really feel very well rounded now with energy healing.

Even though I am an intuitive reader, I plan on taking Jeff's other classes too.

Thank you Jeff for sharing your gifts and knowledge!

-Debbie Lynn Sherrell,  Columbia, TN

"If you stumbled across Jeff Crawford, and you have the urge to work with him, the Universe is showing you a neon sign.  I would recommend him as both a practitioner and a teacher.  His energy is divine and he will help you heal yourself and others.  Thank you, Jeff, for everything."

- Athina Kladis

Mt. Juliet, TN

“Jeff Crawford is talented in teaching Reiki methods; both in subject matter and energetically.  Walking into the space, I felt high energy.  He explains methods in a manner that makes them easily understood at a core level. He leaves the ego at the door and teaches from the heart. ”

-J. Sophia

I've had the benefit of Jeff's Reiki healing and Reconnective healing sessions and I can highly recommend him for either modality. I suspect that any service he offers will not disappoint - he is the real deal and a gifted healer who just keeps getting better. Book with confidence!

-Neal Cappellino, Nashville TN

"Amazing!  I learned so much!  Jeff is an engaging and energizing teacher.  I can't wait to take Reiki 3!"

- Jennifer Kinney

Lyles, TN

'Jeff is an amazing teacher and I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and learned even more than I expected.  His facility is awesome.  Highly recommended!".

Melody Carole

Nashville, TN

“Reiki 1 & 2 Education with Jeff was wonderful.  I have had Reiki classes elsewhere previously and this class was so much better and more informative with better handouts & more hands-on training. I would only recommend Jeff for energy training.  Thanks, Jeff!  See you for Reiki 3!”

-J. Weir

Jeff has a gentle, practical approach to teaching Reiki. His vast experience is available, but presented only when needed. The class space is comfortable and inviting. Very validating and supportive experience. I highly recommend Jeff Crawford.

-Beth Witte, Antioch TN

“Jeff Crawford is a talented and sincere Reiki practitioner and Tarot reader.  I came to Jeff to get a reading, but ended up also spending time discussing the true meaning of Reiki and left feeling I had met a friend and fellow warrior.  I am always looking for those genuine healers who believe that Reiki should be shared by all.  As a fellow Reiki Master, I believe that Jeff is the real deal.  Thank you, Jeff, for your work and your light.”

-Danan Whiddon, Nashville TN

"Good Morning Jeff,


I am loving the Reiki energy healing you’ve helped me with. Life is very different now. I’m feeling my heart opening up and feeling new messages coming to me. It’s honestly a bit scary because as my heart opens I am learning to send love out to everyone. Sounds cheesy right but protecting my love/heart from the takers, haters and users was safe and closed down. Life experience kinda beat me down and so I learned survival protective stop the heart flow and live critically. Live self supportively, stay tiny so to speak. Guess this is why I’ve always looked and searched for a way out of being tiny and grow safely. Reiki helps me every time I help someone else. This really works for me as I truly love to give...combine that with healing energy work and that’s a big Wow! Light switch moment, it completed the “circuit”.   

Thank you for your guidance on my spiritual path. "

- Anita F.,  Antioch, TN

"I had already taken Reiki 1 and 2 from a different instructor, but I was curious about Jeff’s class. I had high expectations for Jeff’s teaching based on his experience with Reconnective Healing, Distance Healing, and as a shaman. Jeff surpassed my expectations. I got an abundance of information and preparation that I didn’t receive the first time I took Reiki 1 and 2. He prepared us on how to create a Reiki practice. He consistently built up our confidence in our ability to practice Reiki. The attunement process was more detailed than what I experienced before; it included a guided meditation, meeting a spirit guide, and most students felt the presence of the lineage in the room. It was a small class of six students so every person had the opportunity to practice giving and receiving a full Reiki session multiple times. I feel confident creating a Reiki practice after receiving this class from Jeff Crawford. I am very grateful for his work."

- Stephanie Paul, LMT

"This [Reiki 1 & 2] class was amazing! I knew I was going to learn, but I had no idea how much it would make me feel! Jeff is amazing! I will definitely be back for more!"

Donna Stephan-Tate, Mt. Juliet, TN

"What is not to love about Jeff and his ability to teach what could otherwise  be a difficult class?!  He broke it down as if a fourth-grader had to explain it.   This helped the class to better understand what this [Reiki] is and, most importantly, how to explain this [Reiki] to those around us in order to spread it out to the world.   The space provided  is a conscientiously healthy and healing environment.  It is more of a relaxed atmosphere,  not rigid.  So time just flows from the beginning of the class to the end." [Reiki Levels 1 & 2 Weekend Class]

Darren Williams

Nashville, TN

"This course was just what I needed to get me out of my comfort zone and to take the next step in my spiritual journey.  After this course, I feel confident that I have within me what it takes to help heal others.  Something I have always been passionate about, but never knew how to make it happen.  Thanks Jeff!" [Reiki Levels 1 & 2 Weekend Class]

Julie Wohrer-Jabobs

Shorewood, IL

"I truly feel that I learned Reiki from a wonderful Master Teacher!  Jeff exceeded any and all expectations of learning Reiki.  Thank you, Jeff.  I feel honored to be taught by you!"

- Kimberly Patton

Nashville, TN

"I was able to feel the energy in the room and as it flowed through my body.  Tension in my shoulder dissipated as Jeff worked on my shoulders." [Reiki 1 & 2 Class]

- Tom Corn

Nashville, TN

"Jeff doesn’t pretend to be anything he is not...that being said, Jeff is such a gift to all those he comes in contact with. He is a wonderful teacher and genuinely wants to empower those that have sought him out. Jeff, thank you for helping me see I am everything I will ever need, and I am the weapon! I look forward to continuing my education with you!" [Usui Tibetan Reiki Levels 1 & 2]

- Michelle Nakamura Cook

Pembroke, KY

"The course was taught in a method that took failure out of it.  Very well organized and very enjoyable."

- Sharon Whiteside

Murfreesboro, TN

"This was not only an educational experience, but also felt like sacred time and space.   Jeff is a skilled theacher and he cares about his students and the outcome of their training."  [Reiki Levels 1 & 2 Weekend Class]

- Karen Swingly

Nashville, TN

"I received my Reiki I and II knowledge and attunements from Jeff. Jeff delivers comprehensive, no-nonsense instruction which I found easy to absorb, retain, and put into practice. I will be learning more from Jeff in the future and would highly recommend attending his classes."

- Christopher Duffield

Springboard Peacebuilding LLC.

Nashville, TN

"Jeff is an amazing healer and teacher.  'Amazing' would actually be an understatement!  His teachings are so easily understood and his personality is so full of character.  I honor him as my teacher and would highly recommend Jeff to anyone seeking healing and/or interest in a deeper, knowledgeable teaching." [Reiki 1 & 2 Weekend Class]

- Fauna Greye

Nashville, TN

"The [Reiki 1 & 2] course exceeded my expectations in both the material covered and the way it was taught.  I also like how you left it up to us to go through the sessions at the end and chat with each other about what was experienced....I'm super excited to start practicing!"

- J.B., Nashville, TN

"I enjoyed the comprehensiveness of the course and feel like I received a well-rounded training on Reiki.  I enjoyed the hands-on experience and ability to discuss after.  I also loved the amount of honor and respect that is given during a Reiki session.  I appreciated the practicality piece to the teaching.  I also appreciated the focus on the "meat" of the practice and not all the bells and whistles.  I appreciated the feeling of respect and honor to self, client, and creator during the process as all parts coming together for the healing purpose. I honestly wasn't too sure what to expect and i feel like Jeff was able to shed some light onto the unknown." [Reiki 1 & 2]

- Nathan Gibson

"I am satisfied above and beyond my expectations.  I wish I had taken this [Reiki 1&2] course a long time ago!  I am very grateful for the content and the presentation."

- Scott Laakman

"So ecstatic about this [Reiki 1 & 2] experience! Just amazing and out of this world, yet definitely in. I am beyond amazed every time at how the universe works and yet there is so many more unknowns to explore. My commitment to the light has begun. Thank you Jeff Crawford, you are amazing at what you came here to do! I will remember this forever."

-Briana Grinage, Clarksville, TN

"I have taken a couple of Jeff Crawford's classes and have enjoyed both of them immensely. I have learned so much from Jeff that enables me to live a well-equipped and and well-rounded life, which has also enabled me to help others to do the same. He is intelligent, focused, kind, caring, very organized and effective in his tranining modules. Anyone who finds themselves under the tutelage of this fine gentleman will find themselves as equally equpped and well-rounded. I recommend him highly to anyone on this journey called life."

-Rosa Moore, Nashville TN

"Jeff is an amazing teacher.  Concepts are very easy to learn by the way it is presented.  Fully engaged, makes sure information is understood.  - So simple its difficult - Easy to follow along - All students get attention - Learn, then practice. Love it! - Very hands-on." [Reiki 1 & 2]

- Chuck Fletcher

"Excellent course and instructor.  I would highly recommend Jeff to anyone that wants to take Reiki 1 & 2.  Thanks!"

- Jennifer Bell

Mount Juliet, TN

"My son and I have had Reconnective Healing sessions with Jeff that were life changing to say the least.  Now we've taken it a step further and used Jeff as a teacher for Reiki.  My son and I are anxious to begin sharing our own gift of healing in our own practice."[Reiki 1&2]

- Vicky Wright

"Jeff's approach is comprehensive and grounding! Loved the [Reiki 1 & 2] class!"

- Gena Leone

"Hey Jeff! I wanted to reach out and let you know that I’ve started seeing clients on Saturdays and Tuesdays! I’m renting space from a local therapist downtown. I’ve made business cards and am starting to get myself out there. The clients that I have seen so far gave me really good feedback and I am feeling confident. Thanks Jeff!"

- B.K., Nashville, TN  [Reiki 1 & 2]

"I have taken several of Jeff's classes & I'd like to comment that Jeff is a phenomenal teacher. He explains energy healing in a way that combines scientific facts & spiritual philosophies to convey the magic that happens around us every moment of every day. Jeff empowers you to acknowledge your experience & what you know. He empowers you to see & use your innate talents & abilities with a grounded approach that allows you to acknowledge the ways you have already been using your gifts. Learning with Jeff has allowed me to approach the situations in my life with more ease & grace thereby allowing solutions to arise with ease & grace. Just know that the time you invest with Jeff you are investing in yourself... & its well worth it. Your life is gonna change! :)"

-Carol Mullins, Nashville TN

"So excited! Reiki Level 1 & 2 complete. Its been some super intense training and I look forward to working with and helping people and animals. This is going to be an awesome journey and there are good things in the future for my clients. Very much looking forward to making a difference in myself as well as out there in the world! Now who wants some Balance and Harmony in their life? I'm ready to go to work!"

- Laura B., Hermitage, TN

"Jeff knows his stuff and truly cares about his students and his practice.  If you are searching for information about Reiki and its health benefits, look no further."

- Kristen Linton, Nashville, TN

"The [Reiki 1 & 2] course exceeded my expectations in both the material covered and the way it was taught...I'm super excited to start practicing."

- Jacob Barta, Nashville, TN

"Jeff is an amazing shaman, healer and teacher. I have been lucky enough to not only experience Quantum Light Shamanic Healing and Reconnective Energy Healing from him, but have also taken his Reiki and Tarot classes. With each experience, he has proven to be intuitive, loving and extremely knowledgeable. The healings I have received and the classes I have taken have been truly life changing. I highly recommend working with him and experiencing his light and love."

-David Harris, Nashville TN

"Very educational class.  I felt drawn to this course and it did not disappoint.  I would and will suggest to friends showing interest in Reiki, to take Jeff's course.  I felt unsure and intimidated at the beginning, and I'm leaving feeling confident and sure that I can use what I have learned." [Reiki Levels 1 & 2 Weekend Class]

- Maggie Lehman

Gordonsville, TN

"This ws an excellent class that exceeded my expectations.  Jeff has so much knowledge to perfection.  I highly recommend him as a teacher and practitioner!" [Reiki Levels 1 & 2 Weekend Class]

- Waldi Schmid

Brentwood, TN

"This course was more than I expected.  Jeff was able to teach more than just the basics.  He delved into the subtleties and nuances involved with Reiki that I feel I would have not received with another instructor.  I feel well prepared to go out with confidence and begin my practice."  [Reiki 1 & 2 Weekend Class]

- Sharon Stinson

Nashville, TN

"I had an amazing experience. Jeff is not only knowledgeable, he left me feeling prepared and confident.  I look forward to the Reiki Master Teacher Class!" [Reiki 1 & 2 Weekend Class]

- Pamela Restivo

Nashville, TN

"Jeff is a great teacher.  He is very knowledgeable on the subject of Reiki and a prolific healer.  He is fun to have as a teacher.  Definitely recommend Jeff Crawford and his Reiki 1 & 2 Weekend Class".

- Cat Gatzimos

Nashville, TN

"t’s been a couple weeks since my last post. I’ve been woking on the best way to describe my weekend learning Reiki 1 & 2 and becoming attuned to the Reiki energy.

First, something major that I learned is that we all actually possess the power to use Reiki in our lives – it’s our birthright. Amazingly enough, the first day of the two day class, we practiced on each other, with a some guidance, and the results were staggering. Some of us felt – or even also saw – the life force energy moving and working. We were putting the intention for the energy into our actions. Having studied (and possibly even studied too much) on the subject for a few months leading up to the class, I had no idea that simply putting intentions into the energy would make a difference in the outcome. Being confident in your ability makes all the difference. I was astounded to hear everyone’s experiences after each exercise.

Prior to this class, I hadn’t experienced a Reiki session for myself. I had only heard about it briefly (which sparked my immediate interest) and then proceeded to study profusely. So, truthfully, this was my first true experience with hands-on energy work.

Another key point that I’d like to mention that I learned is that Reiki practitioners are not magical healers with super powers created by us for us. It is a gift that we are able to channel the energies of the universe to help facilitate and promote healing within other’s bodies – both emotional and physical. Be careful not to get too ‘big headed’. Stay humble.

My first experience providing Reiki for a fellow classmate was, quite honestly, not nearly as profound (physically) for me as it was for my classmate. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect and also wasn’t completely confident on my hand/chakra positions – so I began working with a completely open mind and guidance from another fellow classmate.

As I bagan my placement around her crown and third eye chakra, I began to go into almost a meditative state. I started to become more comfortable with my touch when I noticed my ‘client’ was relaxed. I noticed subtle, and sometimes not quite so subtle, changes in her subconscious body language. Once relaxed, I still didn’t feel the traditional sensation of my hands pushing off comforting warm waves to the areas of the body they were placed. But, I continued on with the understanding that regardless, the energy was working. No matter if I personally felt it or not.I believe the life force energy is an intelligence of it’s own and goes where it is needed.

I continued down the body to the rest of the remaining chakras and focused my mind on sending her subconscious positive affirmations. I wasn’t “feeling” the energy moving at first per say, but I knew from watching over her that something was happening. So, I continued on with my hand positions and affirmations.

Once the session was over, we shared with each other and then the whole class what we had experienced. What she said certainly reaffirmed what I’d hoped to have been happening for her.

In her experience through our session – she explained that she’d had visions of colors behind her eyes that were vibrant and profound. She also explained that she had a vision of books on a book shelf that then flew off to flip pages and land on a certain number. We weren’t sure what that could have meant, but it was incredibly fascinating! She had expressed that while my hands had moved onto other areas of the body, she could still distinctly feel my warm hands elsewhere as well as if there were more than one person working on her. My favorite part of her recollection was when she explained how full of love and comfortable she felt. That was a truly wonderful feeling!

Though my first experience providing a session did not provide me with any physical sensations – I had one feeling that truly stuck out to me that I chose to share with her privately and not with the class.

While deep into our session, I could clear as day feel a voice telling me to ask her what is holding her back in her life. I couldn’t shake it, I felt the absolute need to ask her. Repeatedly through the entire session, this voice would not stop demanding that I ask her. When the session was over, I decided to give in but not in front of the class with fear of asking a question that didn’t make sense to her or worse, embarrass her. I pulled her aside, and asked the question and if that was something that made sense to her. I was so surprised to hear that was something that did resonate with her and was even something pertinent from that very day! I certainly learned from that moment that it is completely acceptable for me to listen to my intuition.

If you can imagine, this was all in day one of my two day class. It was truly a magical experience that I’ll never forget.

The teacher for the class is a Shaman in the Nashville area named Jeff Crawford. I’ll post his website at the bottom of this entry. He did a phenomenal job of organizing the class and providing us the knowledge – day one – to believe in ourselves and our natural capabilities. Day two (attunement day!) was equally as rememberable, I’ll be sure to write about that in the next coming day or two."

-Rachel Duty, Smyrna TN"

"Excellent Reiki 1 & 2 class/instructor/experience! I am looking forward to more instruction and learning from Jeff!!!"

- Elise Sonafelt

"Thank you so much Jeff!  I have more confidence to be a Reiki practitioner and I feel happy to be alive."[Reiki 1 & 2]

- Paul Swartz

"Best teacher EVER! I know, I had a not so great one the first time around. I feel so much better after I redid all my classes with Jeff! 10 STARS!"

-Jessica Weir, Nashville TN

“I enjoyed taking this class with Jeff. The classroom environment was very comfortable and conducive to learning. The materials used were extremely informative and Jeff’s presentation was excellent. He uses several learning modalities for information retention and application. I highly recommend this class and look forward to taking other classes offered by Jeff Crawford.”

-A. Simons

"Hi Jeff,  Thank you so much for these beautiful pictures. I had an amazing experience. I am so happy that I met such an amazing teacher, guru, healer and most importantly the  nicest person.  I am gonna start practicing reiki soon for the clients probably by June( if everything works out). But as of now doing for my kids. I will keep you posted.  Thanks again"

- Veni Boreddy,  Mt. Juliet, TN

"This course was very understandable the Jeff taught it.  He answered  all questions with assurement and confidence.  I feel super confident in giving my future cleints Reiki.  Just knowing that people I encounter will get the healing deserved." [Reiki 1 & 2]

- Brianna

“I love your teaching methods – organized & clear with quality information. The atmosphere is easy & comfortable. Location is easy to find and good parking. Thank you for enriching my life!”

-B. Perry

“This class has been an amazing & life changing class.  It was taught in such a manor that you can truly relate with each Tarot card and be able to apply what has been taught to the Tarot readings. The psychic attunement was extremely spiritual & life affirming ….to have my light within shine in order to bring healing to others.  I highly recommend this class to all!” 

- M. Martin

“The class was amazing and sooo much more than I could have imagined!”

-C. Mullins

“Thank you so much for the wonderful attunement, healing, and certification for Reiki!  I have facilitated 3 healings so far!  I learned how to open my heart and to stay intuitive.  Jeff, you are a kind, patient, and compassionate teacher, which is what we all need in our lives.  Keep up the Great Work!  I cannot wait for the next class!”

-Payton Pavkov

Nashville, TN

“Jeff is an excellent teacher. I learned a lot in our 2-day course. I would recommend this class to others. Jeff is an authentic healer who inspires us to believe in our power to help heal others!”

-K. Eager

"Fantstic experience!  This class opened my eyes...and then some!  I can't wait to continue working with Reiki in my day to day likfe.  Thank you!"

- Drew Robinson, Chapmansboro, TN

"This class was more fulfilling than I could've imagined.  Jeff, you're an amazing spiritual being and I am grateful for the work that you do."

- Nikkita Ngongi,  Nashville, TN

"This class was a game changer for sure!  Thank you!"

- Vicki Martin,  Gallatin, TN

"I really enjoyed the course.  It was so much more than I ever expected.  Thanks!"

- Noel Anne Summar

"This course exceded my expectations!  I feel confident now in my ability to practice Reiki!"

- Courtney Dane

"Jeff's mixture of knowledge, experience, and humor made this an amazing learning experience for me.  His passion as a teacher is evident right away.  He shows up from the heart!"

- Jason Latham,  Nashville, TN

"Wow!  What a life changing experience.  I've learned so much and I can't wait to apply all of the new knowledge.  I would pay to take this course all over again just for a good time! :-). Very satisfied.  Thank you, Jeff!"

- Vonna Dailey,  Clarksville, TN

"After this course, I feel a new sense of confidence; not just in my abilities as a healer, but in myself.  Jeff is a kind and thoughtful teacher.  He guided us through this new skill with grace and ease - and a good sence of humor!  I will definitely be back for more!"

- Emery Wilkins, Nashville, TN

"Jeff provided explanations and an education that allowed me to connect the dots I've been trying to connect for years.  This was a safe and nurturing environment and I will be taking additional classes in the near future.  I look forward to experiencing and sharing Reiki and developing my other skills/gifts.  :-)"

- Stefani Wood,  West Moreland, TN

"This Reiki class was an amazing experience.  Jeff did an excellent job balancing text material and hands-on learning."

- LaShawnna Kenner, Carlsbad, CA

"I feel blessed to be apart of this Reiki 1 & 2 class.  I can't wait to continue with more classes with Jeff.  I highly recommend this course!"

- Brooke Dominey, Antioch, TN

"I learned a lot and I have so many takeaways.  My mind is still processing them.  I am excited to start practicing!"

-Bridgett Nation, Soddy Daisy, TN

"Amazing!  I learned so much!  Jeff is an engaging & interesting teacher.  I can't wait to take Reiki 3!"

- Jennifer Kinney,  Bon Aqua, TN

“Jeff is a good teacher and if you need to take a real experience in learning Usui Tibetan Reiki, Jeff is the perfect person to teach you!”

- M. Swartz

"Well done class.  Super motivating!  Greatly appreciated.  Thank you!"

-Charlcia Nell Robbins, Fairview, TN

“The class was taught so that everyone understood the material.  Jeff is open to all questions and provides helpful answers and advice.  He is extremely encouraging and wants all his students to succeed.”

- L. Kerr

“It was great seeing Jeff being so passionate with what he loves to do. His energy was amazing and the class was very educational. Thanks Jeff for bringing this new (to me) type of energy modality to my attention.”

- Kelly, Nashville TN

"Jeff is an excellent instructor.  He teaches the material in a manner that is easy to understand." [Reiki 1 & 2]

- Anonymous

"I appreciate that what was taught was done so in a way that made me respect Reiki, but was also delivered with levity and humor.  Jeff Crawford is a wonderful teacher.  I feel that this is a jumping-off point to a new stage of my life.  I will use what I learned here for the rest of my existence and maybe my next as well!" [Reiki 1&2]

- Ariel McCasland


Services and Classes offered by Jeff Crawford including Quantum Light Shamanic Healing, Reiki, Reconnective Healing® and The Reconnection®, Distance Healing and Animal Healing are Alternative Practices, are not regulated as a medical practice, nor are licensed by the state. Energetic Healing is not therapeutic or diagnostic by design or intent. Jeff Crawford is not a licensed physician and makes no claims of medical efficacy, nor does he guarantee any specific outcomes. He does not diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. All medical questions are to be referred to your personal physician. You may be fortunate enough to have your expectations fulfilled through your sessions and you may be even luckier to have an experience which you could not possibly have anticipated. Do not suspend your prescribed medical treatments without consulting your physician.

No psychic or tarot reading given by Jeff Crawford is intended to nor should it take the place of professional services including, but not limited to medical, legal, financial, business and/or psychological. Nor can Jeff assume any legal liability for any damages or alleged damage, losses, or other direct or indirect consequences of any client decisions/actions subsequent to or based on tarot readings or teachings. Tarot readings are subject to interpretation and should not be taken as absolute.

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