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Jeff doesn’t pretend to be anything he is not...that being said, Jeff is such a gift to all those he comes in contact with. He is a wonderful teacher and genuinely wants to empower those that have sought him out.

After my retirement, my path became wide open! I began reconnecting with my culture and a big part of that is the spiritual healing practices used in everyday life. I was looking for a Curandera or Shaman of Meso American or South American. I found Jeff!!

His story and connections to Peru grabbed me and I signed up for my first class. I have now taken ALL his classes because his wisdom and teachings are the true Shamanic ways. He puts his heart into his practice and his knowledge sets him apart from other Practitioners. I’ve also experienced his Quantum Light Healing. The amount of Energy flowing felt as though I was cosmic particles gently coming apart and back together. It’s transforming and I’m so grateful. Muchas Gracias por siempre agradecido.


- Michelle Cook,

Pembroke, KY

As Nashville re-opens, I am able to see clients in my office as usual. 

I will also continue to offer Distance Healing, Online or Phone Readings, Pastoral Counseling/Coaching sessions and Online Classes. Together we can help you transition from surviving to thriving.

Thank you for your interest in a healing session, tarot reading, or class. Scroll down for booking options. Please email or call Jeff if you have further questions regarding your session.  See the Booking Facts for pertinent information regarding your session. Scroll down to the bottom or visit the Testimonials page to see what Jeff's students have to say.

Booking Facts:

1. All Healing Sessions are booked in 1-Hour increments.

2. Tarot Appointments are booked in 30 or 60-minute increments.

3. For our Cancellation policy, please scroll down the page.


I'm open!!!

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