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shipibo artisan goods from peru

Shipibo Arts
from Peru

Jeff's Shipibo family is part of a long line of indigenous artisans from the Peruvian Amazon that have maintained the knowledge of their  traditional arts. He offers these artisan goods to the Nashville community through trunk shows at Cosmic Connections bookstore, fairs and festivals, and through private shopping opportunities in his office in South Nashville.

Clients can shop jewelry, clothing, gift items such as intricately carved ornaments, tapestries and ceremonial items. Call Jeff today to set your appointment or visit the Event page for the date of Jeff's next trunk show. (615)848-8574

Scroll down for the new Magic of the Shipibo Icaros video!


indigenous Artisans

"The art pieces that I am selling are made by my Shipibo family, who live in Pucallpa and in Lima, Peru.   Unfortunately, many people take advantage of the tribe’s limited capacity to raise money in order to meet basic needs.   By selling their handiwork, I am able to support fair trade. The artisans receive a fair amount for their time and talents. This also helps insure that their visions and ancient traditions can carry on in the face of the multiple assaults of the modern world. Thank you for helping me support these amazing people." - Jeff

(Shown right, Shipibo tribe members selling their hand-crafted textiles.)


Who Are The Shipibo?

The Shipibo are an indigenous people who reside primarily along the Ucayali River in the Amazon rainforest in Peru. Even in the 21st century, the Shipibo have maintained and continue to practice their unique traditions, such as Ayahuasca shamanism.

What Is The Significance Of Their Art? The intricate patterns and designs on Shipibo handiwork are inspired by Ayahuasca visions.  The Shipibo believe the Ayahuasca plant to be the “Mother of All Plants” in the Amazon.  The Ayahuasca plant spirit works with the tribal shaman to heal ailments (physical, mental, emotional and spiritual), to foretell the future, and even to travel inter-dimensionally.  While in trance, a shaman can travel free of time and space limitations and connect to the Universal Mind in order to do the healing work that is necessary.

Shipibo culture is permeated by the spirit of Ayahuasca.  Once "plugged in" by consuming the plant multiple times, the plants power resides within the user and can be accessed at will. Shipibo art depicts the vibrant Universal Web of Life and structure of the universe beyond the physical senses, which form the backdrop of the physical universe as seen in the mind’s eye of these deeply connected people. 

Some of the designs are said to be visual depictions of icaros, which are the songs and chants sung by the shaman during a ceremony.  Shamanic icaros harness, access, and amplify the healing and transformative vibrations ("music of life") underlying the creation of the universe and humankind....... "in the beginning was the Word".  The shaman uses icaros to guide and protect his patients through their spiritual visions, as well as to administer healing.   As the icaros change, so does the intensity of the visions and/or treatment


Shipibo mandalic artistry contains ancient and intricate designs imbued with a  universal vibration. Having them near can be a powerful aid in healing.  As a practitioner of energy healing, I find these to be very effective in raising the vibrational energy of the room in which I administer healing.  These magical designs serve as a wonderful spiritual portal and point of focus for meditation and healing energy.



see TAPESTRIES LIKE THE ONES below and more at Jeff's office in Nashville or at the Shipibo online store

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