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Psychic Defense

Have you ever walked into a room full of people and had your energy immediately depleted? Have you noticed that every time you speak with a particular friend that you walk away feeling negative or exhausted? Have you had a co-worker that made you feel uneasy, but you do not know why?

What about the use of electronics in your life?  Have you ever walked away from Facebook or other online forums feeling attacked? What about texts? Pictures? Movies?

Have you ever felt "cursed"?  Maybe you have experienced a sudden unexplained string of bad luck?  Or perhaps you feel like something is always watching/following/oppressing you?  Are you having a prevalence of nightmares and disturbing dreams?  Maybe these things are happening to someone you care about?

What do you think of when you consider psychic attack? Do you think only witches practicing black magic or ill-intended Shaman can psychically attack another person? 

This class will teach you the information and tools necessary to be empowered and confident in your ability to recognize, protect against, and clear yourself, others, and spaces of psychic  attacks.


psychic defense

Upon completion, class participants will have:
• An understanding of psychic attacks, their various forms, and how psychic attacks work.
• A protocol by which to recognize psychic attacks. 
• The experience and confidence to clear themselves, other people and places of psychic attack, curses, spells, dark entities, and spiritual attachments.
• Practical knowledge and tools to protect themselves from psychic attack. 

“The phrase Psychic attack” seems to be a buzzword in some circles these days, and there is a lot of misinformation floating around out there. Taking Jeff’s class on psychic defense gave me the information to be empowered and confident in my ability to recognize a psychic attack and how to neutralize and clear an affected person or space. We explored diagnosing methods using pendulums and got to practice distance healing on a client who believed she was under psychic attack. On a very personal note- I also realized that it is possible to psychically attack yourself which is something that I unwittingly have been sabotaging myself with for some time. Now that I’m aware of that I can change things."

Psychic Defense - Protect Yourself Today

COST: $300

RSVP & $150 deposit is required to secure your spot!


This two-day class will empower you to protect yourself from both intentional and unintentional energetic depletion as well as modern day depletions that plague our society. For individuals as well as energy healers.

Scroll down to the bottom or visit the Testimonials page to see what Jeff's students have to say.


"The Psychic Defense class is amazing! Jeff has a way of making weird situations less scary. You will come out of this class with a new understanding of the world around you & walk away with tools to help you take the fear out of your life. This was such a great class for me!!! Thank you, Jeff Crawford!"
- Carol Mullins

Nashville, TN

"This class was a lot more than I expected. Jeff explained psychic attacks, how to identify, avoid and how to defend against them.He also explained how to use our innate psychic abilities and intuition, how to heal (clear) people and spaces, and use this in our own day to day lives. You will find some familiarity toward the end of the day if you've completed his Distance Healing course. That course is not a prerequisite, but I found that familiarity welcome and it helped me in understanding.I found this course very insightful and I highly recommend it."

 - Chris Holden

Nashville, TN

"This class was awesome and laid back.  I left with the confidence and ability to clear a person, space, or object of a psychic attack.  I also learned how to recognize and clear attack on myself".

-  Carma Halley

Nashville, TN

"Definitely going back with more than what I expected.  Jeff talks about practical knowledge and likes to keep things simple, which I really love".

- Meenu Ananthh

Murfreesboro, TN

"I’m going to consider taking the expanded 2-day class in the future when it becomes available.”-Kate M.

"This class was amazing.  It helped me realize the strength that I already have and made me stronger".

- Christina Luettich

Antioch, TN

"Jeff Crawford’s Psychic Defense Class was really useful.  I learned how to use my intention and other tools to clear spaces of negative energy and to protect my own and others’ energy fields.  Jeff has a multitude of information and is a wonderful healer and teacher.  Highly recommended!"

Tassel Shanebrook

Franklin, TN

"This class is beginner friendly, yet open enough to dive deep and ask life's big questions.  Highly Recommend! Great for those seeking to build infrastructure around energetic/spiritual experiences with inquisitive minds"!

- Emily Janney

Nashville, TN


"I enjoyed this class.  the time flew by.  I never felt rushed or overwhelmed by the information.  The class is great for a first timer/newbie to opening yourself to a new way of thinking".

- Jessica Scruggs

Madison, TN


Services and Classes offered by Jeff Crawford including Quantum Light Shamanic Healing, Reiki, Reconnective Healing® and The Reconnection®, Distance Healing and Animal Healing are Alternative Practices, are not regulated as a medical practice, nor are licensed by the state. Energetic Healing is not therapeutic or diagnostic by design or intent. Jeff Crawford is not a licensed physician and makes no claims of medical efficacy, nor does he guarantee any specific outcomes. He does not diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. All medical questions are to be referred to your personal physician. You may be fortunate enough to have your expectations fulfilled through your sessions and you may be even luckier to have an experience which you could not possibly have anticipated. Do not suspend your prescribed medical treatments without consulting your physician.

No psychic or tarot reading given by Jeff Crawford is intended to nor should it take the place of professional services including, but not limited to medical, legal, financial, business and/or psychological. Nor can Jeff assume any legal liability for any damages or alleged damage, losses, or other direct or indirect consequences of any client decisions/actions subsequent to or based on tarot readings or teachings. Tarot readings are subject to interpretation and should not be taken as absolute.

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