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โญWeekly Numerology + Tarot Insights ๐Ÿ’ซ December 13th - December 21st, 2023

โญWeekly Numerology + Tarot Insights ๐Ÿ’ซ December 13th - December 21st, 2023ย #TheStruggleIsReal

"Information is not knowledge. The only source of knowledge is experience." (Albert Einstein)

"You can only understand life backwards. You can only live it forwards. (Sรธren Kierkegaard)

"I am not what happened to me, I am what I choose to become." (Carl Gustav Jung)

We are in the 3rd Decan in Aries/Sagittarius (10 of Fire) - This is a 50/05 Week - 12/19 Month - 7 Year.

10 of Fire highlights the challenges of carrying a heavy load and the need to find balance, release excessive burdens, and seek support when necessary. It encourages you to assess your responsibilities, prioritize tasks, and take steps to prevent burnout. By doing so, you can navigate through this period and move towards a more manageable and fulfilling path.

5 is a number that represents action and struggle, mostly with oneโ€™s self, faith, and environment.ย  Largely intellectual in nature, it is an inner conflict to sort out oneโ€™s own internal being versus the events and circumstances of oneโ€™s external environment.ย  โ€œKnow thyself, and thou shalt know the universe and God.โ€ (Temple of Apollo at Delphi)ย 

19 is a number that signifies birth of elevated ideals, higher standards and reforms; development & unity of the divine masculine and divine feminine with oneโ€™s self or within oneโ€™s relationship which fosters a spiritual level of love that is unadulterated by the compulsion of lust or the need for physical pleasure;ย  an enlightened perspective; resolving unresolved issues from the past with a new sense of enlightened perspective; living by faithโ€ฆ

7 is a number of transitions, challenges, and spiritual growth. 7 can indicate a period of resistance to overcome which can be opportunities for personal development. Mind over matter, or willpower. It expresses the interconnectivity of God in man. One may find themselves in a state of spiritual introspection as they pursue and connect with their higher selves, the Christ within. Thus, a higher perspective is achieved to facilitate strategically meaningful resolutions, rather than simply navigating with the limitation of material circumstances.ย  It is the perfect union of Spirit and matter, the divine masculine and divine feminine, or the material realms and the divine realms. The year 2023 promises to be a year full of excitement and intense challenges. It holds the potential for significant breakthroughs & liberation, or devastating failures & oppression. The determining factor will be the ability of the people to wake up to the awareness of their own divinity and power and to the importance of their connectedness to the world around them.


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