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Going To Peru!

Hello Friends!

I have exciting news! I will be seeing my family in Catagallo (outside of Lima, Peru) again! I am taking off on a vacation to visit them and check in on the progress that has been made since the fires swept in and devastated their village. I am always happy to say that all the sales from their handiwork that I sell at fairs goes directly to helping them rebuild! So for all of your purchases, thank you for helping my family, it means so much more than you know!

I do plan on continuing my shamanic journey with Ayahuasca as I learn more from my dad and brother-in-law, who are both shaman. I am really looking forward to getting "re-charged" and coming back with more depth, energy, and insights to share with all of you!

Of course I will also be bringing home more shipibo tapestries, altar cloths, jewelry, etc to sell in the upcoming festivals for all of you asking for new pieces =)

I will be back late February in time for classes and of course I will still be able to do tarot readings and distance healings via skype or email should anyone want sessions while I am gone.

2017 is already shaping up to be a marvelous year and we have only just begun. To all of you working towards your own spiritual growth I am sending love and energy your way to help you persevere and get where you want to go!

Well friends, I am off to pack, teach a few more classes and have a few more sessions before I fly out on Feb 1st!



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