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Misconceptions About The Tarot Cards

Is the Tarot about fortune telling? Is it about card tricks? Is it something that you can expect to learn without serious study?


In this video we go beyond the myths and misconceptions about Tarot to provide you with a more profound understanding of this mystical tool. If you're based in Nashville and interested in Tarot, or if you're just curious about the true meaning and purpose behind these beautiful cards, this video is a must-watch.

In debunking common Tarot myths, we clarify that Tarot isn't merely about fortune-telling, but rather about your soul's journey and eternal evolution. We emphasize the necessity of studying the Tarot language to fully understand its profound messages. This video serves as a comprehensive guide for those who wish to deepen their knowledge of Tarot readings and explore its connections to scripture, Kabbalah, and esoteric wisdom.

This insightful video further highlights the importance of selecting the right Tarot deck, focusing on the Rider-Waite deck as the standard in Tarot readings. We examine how this deck, created by Catholic Mystics, incorporates elements of Hermetics, Alchemy, and ancient Egyptian wisdom.

Whether you're a beginner to Tarot or a seasoned reader looking to further deepen your knowledge, this video offers a wealth of insights. If you're based in Nashville and interested in learning more about Tarot readings or shamanic healing, please visit to explore classes and courses.

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