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Integrity & Independence

“By observing himself [a person] throws a ray of light onto his inner processes which have hitherto worked in complete darkness. And under the influence of this light the processes themselves begin to change.”

--- George Gurdjieff

This is a 51/6 Week / 12/18 Month / 6 Year

6 is a number of balance, unity, success, or the extreme opposites (when out of balance). Emotions can run high in desirable and undesirable ways as 6’s energy either brings people and situations together or drives them in opposite directions. Unfortunately, polarities and divisions, fueled by strong emotions seem to have predominated the outcomes of 2022, but this week, especially, gives us the chance to bring things back together and to refocus on what makes us all more whole and unified.

12 is a number of contemplation, examination, yielding, waiting, new perspective

18 is a number of secrets coming to the surface, emergence, opposing influences, intimidation, dark night of the soul, etc…


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