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Healthy Impartiality

This is a 2/10 Week - 1/8 Month - 7 Year


January is a 1/ 8 month which is about taking steps to maximize strength & power through spirituality, contemplation, restraint, self-discipline, and strategic thinking.

This is an opportune month to contemplate the essence of your soul and your connection to the Divine Mind, which is foundational to your strength and protection. If you do not already have a spiritual discipline, consider starting one.

Maximize your strength & power through restraint, self-discipline, and strategic thinking. When you feel that rush of emotion or pressure of speech, that is your cue to stop and remove yourself from the situation in order to observe and process your emotions and everything that you were about to express that could have sabotaged everything. Take time to discern facts from emotionally inflammatory language, assumptions, presumptions, projections, paranoias, fears, and everything else that cannot not be actually proven. When you are clear on the actual facts, you are in a position to be strategic…. Is this a time when silence will be heard the loudest? Is this an instance where grace may make the biggest impact? Perhaps this is a time to strategically decide to accept an unfair circumstance in the short-term, in order to preserve a more important long-term goal? Or is this a time to speak or act upon your truth? If so, having taken the time for careful consideration, you are in a position to better express what you mean and to mean what you express. The goal is to navigate the strongest position possible to create or preserve that which is most important to you by being strategically authentic.

Be extra cautious when feeling pressured to make fast decisions.


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