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Fresh Start

This is a 44/8 Week / 11/17 Month / 6 Year.

If, during October, you exercised the courage to set your desired goals into motion, this is the week to follow-through on what you started. This week’s energetic influence supports you in establishing the reorganization of the material, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual aspects of your life to fit your new direction.


November of 2022 is a 11/17 month in a 6 year.

11 is indicative of objective clarity, as well as honesty with oneself and others. Just the facts, absent the distraction of emotions, presumptions, assumptions, suspicions, projections, and paranoias. Anything that cannot be proven does not count as actual fact.

17 provides us with a broader context of new beginnings, fresh starts, rebirth, or a new lease on life that typically follows a time of especially difficult challenges and/ or losses.

6 is a number of balance, unity, success, or the extreme opposites (when out of balance). Emotions can run high in desirable and undesirable ways as 6’s energy either brings people and situations together or drives them in opposite directions.

Truth will prevail this month, especially in legal matters. Be honest and discerning. Remember that being honest doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to say everything you know. At the same time, do not purposely distort the truth by withholding information. If you have to rationalize, then you already know that you are not being truthful. Be honest and forthcoming about what is being requested.

Spiritual, emotional and intellectual epiphanies and insights are wasted if not given a practical application in your material world. You don’t have to change everything all at once. However, you should start taking measurable, tangible steps to systematically create those changes.

Your transparency is your power…. Transparency with yourself and transparency with others about yourself. You don’t need others to understand you. It is not fair or rational to expect that of others. But if you allow them to see you transparently, they can more readily support you.

When you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.


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