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CONGRATULATIONS to our newest Reiki Level 2 Practitioners!!!

CONGRATULATIONS to our newest Usui Tibetan Reiki Level 2 Practitioners!!!:

Jackson Stone, Kase King, Daphne McIntosh (refresher), Rocio Gomez, Patti Donahoe, Lisa Gallant, Valerie Jane Parker, Marcus Currie, & David Goldberg

Register Now for Upcoming Classes Available via Zoom and In-Person:

Accelerated Intro to the Tarot (Zoom Class) - April 7th

Reiki Levels 1 & 2 - April 10th & 11th

Reiki Master Teacher Level 3 - April 17th

Distance Healing - April 18th

Psychic Defense - May 22nd

Tarot Weekend Intensive Class - May 29th & 30th

See more information and register online at .


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