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Let’s dive further into the practice of Reiki and clear up some common misconceptions revolving around Reiki, what it is, and how it works! Have you registered for our next Reiki Energy Healing class here in Nashville on September 2nd & 3rd? ​Reiki I (Day 1) we will learn: • The history of Reiki • What Reiki is • What makes Reiki different from other healing modalities • The 3 degrees of Reiki and the significance of each • The attunements and the significance of each • How to use energy in everyday life • How to Ground • The importance of thoughts and intention and how to use them • Legal and Ethical information for Reiki practitioners • Reiki hand positions and their functions • How to discover and use your own natural power Reiki II (Day 2) we will learn: • Chakras – Vibrational Colors and Meanings • Density of the Aura • Aura Color Interpretations • The first three Reiki symbols and their meanings • How to conduct a Reiki session You will receive Reiki Level 1 & 2 Attunements Then we will spend time conducting actual Reiki sessions! Upon completion, class participants will have received the necessary attunements, information, practice and certification to open their own Reiki practices! Go to to learn more! #Reiki #EnergyHealing #HolisticHealth #ChakraHealing #MindBodySpirit #NashvilleShaman #QuantumLightShamanicHealing #JeffCrawford #ReikiClassNashville #ReikiNashville #ReikiTeacher #Shaman #Nashville


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