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Balance, Power & Perspective

This is a 33 week/ 8 month /6 year. Therefore a numeric & esoteric theme for this week is 11/20. August of 2022 is a (14/5) month of struggling to achieve balance.

There are many ways to accomplish this level of clarity.. I choose to abstain from sexual activity and alcohol, while eating a mostly vegan diet for up to 2 weeks. Usually I combine this with meditation, prayer and contemplation. Even after a day or two of this, I can notice the recharging and rising of the energy up my spine to the crown of my head. It literally feels as though I am wearing a hat sometimes! This practice allows me to think more clearly, to understand more complex concepts & varied perspectives, and to receive more epiphanies & spiritual insights. Then I have a reliable compass with which to strategically decide which situations require my attention and how to assert whatever level of power & influence I have to affect balance in various situations.

Especially with whatever is confronting you this week, focus on the best outcome for everyone involved. Give others the same consideration that you would want to receive.


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