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"No one has become enlightened merely by becoming well read"

"No one has become enlightened merely by becoming well read. Reading is useful, but only to the degree that it stimulates within you a strong desire to unfold your own eternal potentials". - Manly P. Hall

When one reads lots of books to learn to be spiritually enlightened, or to develop a spiritual discipline, they can easily find themselves imitating the experiences of others instead of having their own unique experiences. I used to be one of those people. Then things shifted radically with this epiphany!... Those who are consciously engaged with their own journeys, evolve in their enlightenment as they are purposefully and increasingly aware of all that is around them.... They have their own unique experiences.... As more is revealed, even more unfolds that remains to be discovered. Then the realization hits! THE JOURNEY IS THE DESTINATION!

Enlightenment is an ever-evolving process, not a test to pass or a certificate to achieve. Your desire for more.....your awareness of more...are the hallmarks of a journey that is about to reveal even more experiences, more insights, more magic, more power, more spiritual encounters, more paranormal experiences, more grace, more wisdom, and more love. When you are not only knowing and experiencing more, but also aware of how much you don't know and how much more there is to experience .... When you are eagerly embracing each step of the journey as the Divine relates, reveals and teaches you during the course of your "daily grind"..... When you realize that one person's experience is not better or more esteemed than others, because your perfection is in your purpose and your purpose will be revealed in your relationship with and guidance from the Divine.... THEN you are on an authentic journey of enlightenment.


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