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Thais are very superstitious and they strongly believe in ghosts and mystic energy, which is everywh

I may have to install one of these at my office!

Thais are very superstitious and they strongly believe in ghosts and mystic energy, which is everywhere and which can make your life miserable and sad, or rich and happy. One of the manifestations of such beliefs are phi houses, tiny, little buildings in which spirits live (phi in Thai means “ghost or “spirit”). You can see them everywhere in Thailand and they often baffle and fascinate visitors. Every building, a shop and an old tree has its own house. A phi house, also known as a spirit house, looks like a colourful toy. It’s always decorated with flowers and surrounded with bowls of fruit and glasses, filled with red liquid.

...These tiny houses always stand on concrete pillars. If you look closely you will notice that some of them have one pillar, some have 4. Those standing on 4 legs are meant for the spirit of the land, a ghost that lives on that particular ground and which can bring misfortune, or good luck to the people, who live in the nearby building.

Houses standing on one leg are set a little higher. Inside you will find two figurines: an old lady and an old man. They are personifications of the owner’s ancestors. Next to them, there is another phi house, where an angel can be found. This one is called Saan Pha Phum and its origins come from the Hindu religion. The angel holds money and a sword and his task is to protect the owners of the land and bring them luck and fortune.

...Fruits and vegetables are offerings to ghosts and spirits to say thanks for bringing good luck, or to ask them for keeping the household safe. These gifts are presented every morning. Incense is then lit, they are supposed to get rid of bad energy. After a whole day, fruits are given to the homeless, animals, or they are thrown away. Drinks and liquids are always poured away.

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