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Check it out! I was highlighted in the November 2018 issue of Out & About Nashville Magazine&#39

Check it out! I was highlighted in the November 2018 issue of Out & About Nashville Magazine's article on Seeking Answers on Alternative Spiritual Paths!

AND I seem to be in good company because Roy & Gregory Hamilton-White of AromaG's are in here too!

Theologies and Religions are intended to be a way of understanding our relationship with the Creator. When your theology no longer reflects your experience of God,....When it confuses more than enlightens....When it contradicts what you know to be true in your heart and in your daily grind... it is time to set aside the old ideas and constructs. You are an eternal soul, a divine spark, with a unique will and desire for freedom. Fix your gaze on the path ahead of you and, one step at a time, do the unthinkable! Experience God as you discover more love for yourself, more power in the discovery and use of your own unique gifts and abilities, more courage and strength as you find your own power, and more peace as your faith becomes something much deeper....something rooted in a Creator who sees beauty in the tension & balance of both shadow and light.... something experienced in a world that you will find to be far more magical and beautiful than you ever imagined.

I know, because I have had (and continue to have ) all of those experiences.

Do you find yourself struggling with your spiritual path? Are you holding onto religious ideas that no longer line up with your real-life experience of God? I would be honored to be a part of your journey. I am available for coaching and healing sessions almost every day of the week. You can book services with me online at

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