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Tarot Insights for Week 36:

Tarot Insights for Week 36:

Sometimes with new realizations & situations we can experience the stirring up of things formerly buried, forgotten, or postponed for later processing. This week, “later” has arrived. The time for processing and negotiating our responses both internally & externally is now. As issues from the past begin to resurrect, FEEL THEM. Be honest with your feelings and embrace what you find, even if you’d rather that you would have felt differently. Avoid extremes in your actions/reactions. Anxiety is a normal reaction to facing our feelings and the vulnerability in honest expression. Allow your honest expression to relieve the anxiety. Your experiences, feelings, or perceptions do not need to be rational, or even factual to be felt. You can honestly concede to the lack of rationality or even factual basis, but that does not minimize the importance of how you experienced what you experienced. Forgiving, when necessary, does not necessitate forgetting. Remember & feel in order to genuinely offer forgiveness (of yourself and/or others) while maintaining a healthy boundary against future hurt or undesirable experiences. Allow love and purpose, not guilt or shame, to be your guiding motivation and inspiration. Stay clear and committed to your desired path and future, acknowledging what is within your control and what isn’t. Remember everyone is entitled to their own reactions and experiences, even when you would hope for them to react differently. That is not something you get to control. But you should give others the opportunity to have their experiences, feelings and perceptions as you give honest expression to yours. Your transparency is your power. If you would like a more personal forecast based on your specific numerology and situations, Contact me at Emailed personal weekly forecasts are available for $30.

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