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Tarot Insights for Week 35 of 2018

Tarot Insights for Week 35 of 2018:

Last week was a period of seeing and accepting the transitions, the inevitable, and/or forces beyond your control. Some of those were pleasant and some were most unpleasant. This week is when you strategically decide what you are going to make of the situation.

As you wrestle with the realization and acceptance of the new situations, truths, epiphanies, circumstances, etc..., what will you create with the new opportunities that result from the change(s)? Allow the emotions to wash through. Embrace them as part of the experience. Feel them and begin to set your sight on how those areas of your life will change from here. This is a week to focus on expanding your horizons, your inner view, your sense of adventure, and seizing the opportunity to create or experience what was not as easily or readily possible before. What “unimaginable” or “unthinkable” possibilities are suddenly becoming something you could actually consider?

Please do not understand me to be encouraging you to act impulsively. What I mean here is to SEE and DECIDE to pursue whatever new form of expansion and opportunity is showing up. There is a STRATEGIC tone to all this movement. Your next steps, reactions & decisions should be thought-out and informed. That means you may need to start making plans, do some research, have difficult discussions, apologize, confront, be vulnerable while expressing your wants and needs, readjust your perspective, relax self-imposed limitations or expectations, collaborate with others, get some counseling, make financial arrangements, etc….

DECIDE to embrace the opportunities created by the changes that have begun to show up in your world. Then STRATEGICALLY pursue the new experiences, expansion and/or adventure as you recognize that you are a powerful, creative force in buildling the stage for the next chapter of your life.

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