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Tarot Insights for Week 34 of 2018:

Expect to feel some healthy friction between light & shadows, the familiar & the unfamiliar, desires & obligations, what is known and what is hidden under the surface that may be revealed and change everything.

Check yourself in emotional situations. Do not rush into action or reaction. Just wait. Set with what has become evident. Determine what is fact and what is emotional, irrational, or circumstantial clutter that may be obscuring your ability to make clear, informed, intelligent decisions. Objectively view and weigh the pros and cons of each situation.

That said, if something shows up and signals the obvious and inevitable beginning of an end to a job, a relationship, an idea, a dream, or a belief, etc.…, permit the ending to take its course. Give yourself time and space to release emotions and to decompress. Embrace the prospect of a new beginning, new perspective and more balanced energy. Creativity and collaboration with others may be a key component as the first step on a new path becomes apparent. The opportunity to free yourself from the limiting perspectives, habits, and behaviors that steal your joy (and/or limit your ability to know the truth) is on the horizon.

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