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Tarot Insights for Week 33 of 2018:

Tarot Insights for Week 33 of 2018:

Focus this week on the expansion of your influence and the concentrated intention of creating what your heart of hearts knows to be the long-term desired outcome in important and/or volatile situations. Do not waste your energy feeling sorry for yourself, worrying, or acting out of pride and ego. You are a spirit having a physical, human experience. Never lose sight of that. Your experience does not define you. It is only a vignette that serves as part of your process for evolving. Examine yourself as though you would another person. See the long-term desired goals. Also see where the energy expended is wasted or can be more efficiently and strategically used to push your life experiences and interactions closer to those goals. Own your personal power to create, choose, and navigate the situations and outcomes in your life.

Do not concern yourself with the opinions or judgements of others. Others can only see and critique what you present yourself to be; not what/who you know yourself to be. As you pull all your parts together and live your life intentionally, with one mind (not compartmentalized to suit each situation), people will have a different experience of you.

As for the important people around you….. Spend more time observing, listening and appreciating people for what and who they are. Just see what IS; without a “but”, or “they should”, or any energy given to what you think should be changed. That energy needs to be harnessed and directed to your own strategic action plan for moving your personal goals and development along. Don’t be surprised if you have some epiphanies or learn a thing or two!

Don’t overreact to challenges or hurdles in your way. Observe, “reality test” to discern fact from non-fact, and take one strategic, purposeful step at a time. Get organized. Clear the clutter that adds to your perceived challenges.

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