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Tarot Insights for Week 32:

Change is inevitable and it seems like everyone is feeling it as we begin the month of August. The changes this week will tend to be MAJOR ones. It is as if each changing factor presents you with a crossroads. That said, sometimes evolving to accommodate the major shifts in your world can be a bit uncomfortable. Before contemplating a response, dig deep into yourself. Decide upon and articulate what your desired outcome is. Picture it. Allow yourself to dream a little and experience the sensation of what that outcome may feel like. How does it contrast with what you are experiencing in the present time? Next, it is important to REALITY CHECK! What is factual and what is emotional, circumstantial, presumed, inferred, projected, etc… What is intended to affect you in personal ways and what was never actually about you, but affected you personally? Cut through all the non-factual clutter to constructively see what is. Get a clear view of the root of the issue, the true cause. Then, think strategically about the resolution. Set priorities. Eliminate clutter, both physical and mental/emotional. Own your responsibility in each situation and your own power to pursue your desired outcome/resolution. What actions can you strategically take to affect the outcome? What “battles” are worth fighting and which could have devastating results? In what areas can you have some flexibility? With whom might you cooperate, collaborate or seek consensus? Finally, set your strategic action plan in motion. Remember, passivity is also an action to decisively do nothing! True power and freedom are experienced when we decide to make an impact and to actively be a part of the creative process in our world and in our own evolution. I would love to hear how this forecast resonates in your world this week. - Please visit my website at to book your personal reading, coaching, or healing session today. #nashvilleshaman #shaman #nashville #tarot #reiki #numerology #alternativehealing #spiritualcoaching #Intuitivereading

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