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All Hand Ayahuasca Themed Painted Shipibo Tapestry; 52" x 61.5"; $250

For the Shipibo, the universe is made of song. Everything in the universe has a pattern that can be sung. In the beginning, a giant anaconda lived in the darkness. She sang the patterns on her back and the patterns fell from her mouth in her song. Then the patterns joined together and took form, creating the universe and the people, the Shipibo. The water has its songs. The earth also has its songs. The trees have their songs. The anaconda has its song. Everything has its song. The songs and the patterns have been passed down from generation to generation. Certain Shipibo women and shaman have the gift of seeing and singing the patterns that make up the universe. In fact, the word "icaro" literally means "healing song of the plants" All Hand Painted Shipibo Tapestry; 52" x 61.5"; $250 #nashvilleshaman #shaman #nashville #tarot #reiki #numerology #alternativehealing #spiritualcoaching #Intuitivereading #healingmusic #shipibo #icaros #healingsongoftheplants #ayahuasca #everythingismusic

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