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Tarot Insights for Week 31:

Expression and Individuality are major themes for us this week. You may face challenges and perceived obstacles or limitations within the various relationships and institutions in your life….or even perceived self-limitations. Navigate your way with an awareness of what IS you and what IS NOT you. Recognize what resonates clearly with your soul and what resonates as dissonance or static, interfering with your personal sense of harmony and balance. Do not run away or buckle under challenges. Rather, be determined to creatively and diplomatically remove or overcome the them. - Be aware that your various forms of expression (words, glances, emotional displays, body language, animation, etc..) set the stage for what is to be created. As we come into the first days of August, be mindful to use your words, resources, intuition, and passion to strategically manage and dedicate yourself to what you truly wish to create in your life and in each situation. Guard your heart with discernment, readiness to forgive yourself and others, and wisdom to check the facts in otherwise emotionally charged situations. Healthy boundaries will give you energy and clarity for diplomacy when it is required. - I would love to hear how this forecast resonates in your world this week. - Please visit my website at to book your personal reading, coaching, or healing session today. #nashvilleshaman #shaman #nashville #tarot #reiki #numerology #alternativehealing #spiritualcoaching #Intuitivereading

— at Jeff Crawford - Quantum Light Shamanic Healing.

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