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All Hand Embroidered Falda (wrap skirt) or Tapestry , 22"x54", $240

If one looks at the intricate Shipibo patterns which decorate many of the clothing and tapestries, it is easy to see the sophisticated combination of complexity and symmetry inherent in these designs. What many do not realize, however, is that these patterns and the icaros sung during shamanic ceremonies are one and the same. Underlying these designs is the concept of an all-pervading mystic reality of oneness. These patterns represent not only the oneness of creation, the inter-changeability of light and sound, they are also an ongoing dialogue or communion with the spiritual world and powers of the rainforest. The visionary art of the Shipibo brings this paradigm into a physical form. Quite literally, the designs are the “visual sheet music” for the icaros, which in turn are not bound by canvas or acoustics, but instead represent all possible patterns and designs past, present, and future, which extend far beyond their borders and permeate the entire world.

All Hand Embroidered Falda (wrap skirt) or Tapestry , 22"x54", $240

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