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Tarot Insights For Week 27 or 2018:

Areas of administration, contracts, business, relationships and spiritual or political debates may require a heightened level of thoughtfulness and scrutiny Pay attention to the details. Weigh the facts objectively as you determine what is worth pursuing and protecting…and what may be fairly conceded. The best-intentioned business ventures, partnerships, and transactions can result in awkward and damaging misunderstandings if enthusiasm and pleasantries distract you from reading the small print. Stay in your personal power by maintaining clear boundaries. Do not lose sight of what is most valuable. Friendly debates over politics & spiritual matters can make for interesting conversation, but remember to value the relationships more than the debated ideas. A new job, contract, or business venture can be a blessing if you agree only to give the amount of time, resources or energy that you are able to give without sacrificing the quality of life and contentment that you value.

— at Jeff Crawford - Quantum Light Shamanic Healing.

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