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Spring has arrived, along with a last blast of winter. Despite this, we have already experienced warmer days, sunshine, daffodils, and new & returning wildlife. On many levels, this is a magical time of reawakening and renewal. As the earth explodes with new life, enthusiastically embrace whatever new opportunities, projects and adventures are showing up for you! THANK YOU for your donations to the Shipibo clothing drive! Kevin and I were able to distribute the clothing during my trip in January and the community members were soooo surprised, deeply touched, and excited. Your generosity has made a lasting impact that will always be remembered. I have shared some pictures below. Many of the talented Shipibo ladies, who make the beautiful tapestries, jewelry and art pieces, are struggling to earn any money because their eyesight is failing them. Sadly, they cannot afford to purchase glasses. When they can't sell their art pieces, they literally starve. Therefore, this year I will be collecting old prescription glasses and reading glasses to take to these talented ladies. Should you want to donate glasses, please contact me by email, phone, or in person at Cosmic Connections, my home office, or at one of the many festivals coming up this year! From my January FB journal: Remember all those clothes you donated for the shipibo? It was like Christmas handing those out today! Thank you!


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