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The Bruja's Curse

THE BRUJO’S CURSE (A story from my last visit to Peru!)

My dad (a Shipibo shaman) had been curing a woman who was being tortured by a brujo for several months. The brujo was “sticking her with pins”, wouldn't let her sleep, and was making her sick and full of anxiety. My dad sucked out the “poison invisible spikes” that were embedded in the lady and freed her from the brujo.

That made the brujo very angry with him. One day, when my dad was running an errand, he experienced the worst kind of pain he had ever felt in his entire life. He said it was like the brujo had stabbed him with a knife in his back on the right side of his spine in his upper back. It was a sharp, searing, fiery hurt so much he doubled over. At the same time, it was like someone was choking his lungs or sitting on his chest........he could only breathe very shallow breaths. In addition, he became disoriented, like his brain would not function correctly. He did not know where he was and could not even remember his name.

My dad staggered around on the streets until someone recognized him and helped him to get home, whereupon he collapsed. My sisters started crying when they saw him and took him to the hospital.

The doctors checked him all over. They took blood tests and x-rays. They checked for signs of a stroke or heart attack, but could not find anything physically wrong with him. The doctors wanted to do a CAT scan and MRI to see if that might possibly reveal the problem, but the family could not afford to pay for it. Various other people tried to help him, but they all told him that the curse was from a very powerful brujo and that he needed to go to Amaqueria (deeper into the jungle) to have access to more powerful shamans that know more about how to counteract the kind of black magic the brujo was using. You see, it is their belief and experience that a shaman cannot heal himself from a bujo's curse. That is how the curse works. Once it cripples the shaman, he is unable to summon the strength to fight it himself. Another shaman is required to release the curse. That is the only way.

So he and my mom took a boat to Amaqueria and spent 20 days there. When I arrived in Pucullpa, he and my mom returned from Amaqueria to see me. He told the story of what had happened and said that he was much improved, but still having a lot of trouble breathing and feeling crippling anxiety. He and my mom were clearly afraid that he could die if he wasn’t released from the remaining afflictions from the brujo’s curse.

He asked that I do healing sessions for him to see if I was able to help.... I can't even articulate how intimidating it was to be asked to heal my dad, a reputable shaman, from a brujo's curse! I'm used to do doing healing sessions everyday in Nashville, but to be doing this in the jungle..for another shaman... this felt like a test or a rite of passage....

After his healing sessions, my dad was glowing and shouting. He kept laughing and showing us that he could take deep breaths again. He said that he was feeling "muy tranquilo (very peaceful)" and that my energy is "super fuerte” (strong). Two days later my brother said that my dad was telling everyone about his healing. Furthermore, he wants me to teach him what I did!

What an adventure! This stuff is REAL!

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