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Happy Holidays!

HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!! Wow! 2017 has gone by FAST! And what an exciting year! 44 New Reiki Practioners 17 New Reiki Master Teachers 18 New Tarot Readers 8 New Distance Healers 4 New Quantum Light Healing Practitioners 16 of you took the big step of having The Reconnection AND several of you are in the process of starting your own healing practices! WE HAVE A LOT TO CELEBRATE!!!

During this holiday season, it’s easy to lose ourselves in the shopping, baking and meticulous party planning. After all, traditions are a lot of what make this time of year so meaningful.

But when we look past the glimmer of tinsel and lights, we remember that this season is for giving thanks, time, and love to those who are special to us.

Should you need an extra boost during the holidays, I am available to offer healing, intuitive counsel, and encouragement. Together we can help you find your balance so you can experience the magical & healing energy this time of year holds. I wish you happiness, love, and endless perfect moments during this holiday season and new year.

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