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Happy September

Hi Everyone!

September has been crazy busy AND exciting!

Some Highlights:

  • Cosmic Connections hosted my seminal talk on "Experiential Introduction to Reconnective Healing" - a must to understand the "nuts and bolts" of how to tap into the holographic energy field and direct it to heal/repair physical/spiritual/psychic blockages,dampening fields,& impediments that prevent you from attaining your highest and best state of being.

  • Four new Reiki Practitioners received their Levels 1 & 2 certifications and attunements!

  • Four new Reiki Master Teachers received their Level 3 certification and attunement!

  • Nine of you jumped all the way into your “shift” by having The Reconnection!

Things just keep getting better and better!

Remember that I am on Facebook now! Please find me at Jeff Crawford – Quantum Light Shamanic Healing to stay up to date on upcoming news, blogs (coming soon!), and events! HERE'S WHAT'S COMING UP!!!

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