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Are you a healing practitioner working out of your home as a sole proprietor or small business owner?


LegalShield provides excellent coverage for legal advice and protection while protecting your family as well as your home business.   For $29.90/month, you can have ready access to legal help and protection without the worry of high legal fees or of being nickel and dimed for minutia.

Legal Shield Family

Legal Shield Legal Plan:

Expected and unexpected legal issues arise everyday. But with a LegalShield Legal Plan, a small monthly fee gets you access to advice and counsel on an unlimited amount of personal legal issues from attorneys with an average of 19 years experience.

The following provides a general overview of what our Legal Plan offers you and your family.

For more specific information, please view our member contract.

Who the Legal Plan covers:

  • The member

  • The member's spouse

  • Never-married dependent children of the member or member's spouse, under 26 years of age who are permanent residents of the member's household or full-time students

  • Dependent children under age 18 for whom the member or member's spouse is legal guardian

  • Any dependent child, regardless of age, who is physically disabled or mentally incapacitated and unable to make legally binding decisions, unable to be employed, 51% or more financially dependent upon the member and member's spouse and lives at home with the member or member's spouse.


Advice, Consultation, Representation


  • Toll-free phone consultations with your Provider Law Firm for any personal legal matter even on pre-existing conditions.

Letters and Phone Calls on Your Behalf

  • A phone call or letter on an attorney's letterhead can help you get the results you need.

  • Available at the discretion of your Provider Lawyer.

Contract and Document Review

  • Your Provider Law Firm will review an unlimited number of documents of up to fifteen (15) pages each.

  • You must be named as a contracting party on personal legal documents to be reviewed.

24/7 Emergency Assistance

  • After-hours legal consultation for covered legal emergencies such as: if you're arrested or detained, if you're seriously injured, if you're served with a warrant, or if the state tries to take your child(ren).

Trial Defense Services


  • Assistance if you or your spouse are named defendant or respondent in a covered civil action suit

  • In the first membership year, 57.5 hours of trial time and 2.5 hours of pre-trial time are provided for trial defense. Hours increase through the 5th membership year, up to 300 total hours (295.5 trial hours and 4.5 pre-trial hours).

Certain exceptions and exclusions may apply, please read below and read the membership contract before purchasing.



Health Care Power of Attorney

Health Care Power of Attorney preparation for you, your spouse, and covered family members, with annual reviews and updates.

Living Will

Directive to Physician/Living Will preparation for you, your spouse, and covered family members, with annual reviews and updates.

Standard Will Preparation

Will preparation and annual reviews and updates for you, your spouse, and covered family members. Trust preparation is available under the 25% discount.

Residential Loan Document Assistance

  • Mortgage documents, (as required of the borrower by the lending institution) prepared by your Provider Law Firm for the purchase of your primary residence. Available once each membership year for your primary residence.

  • All information necessary for the preparation of the documents must be provided to your Provider Law Firm at least five business days prior to the closing date.

Motor Vehicle Services

  • Available15 days after enrollment.

  • Representation under this benefit is provided when you or your family members have a valid driver's license and are driving a non-commercial motor vehicle.

  • Moving violation assistance.

  • Motor vehicle related criminal charge assistance.

  • Up to 2.5 hours help with driver's license reinstatement and property damage collection assistance of $5,000 or less per claim.

Certain exceptions and exclusions may apply, please read below and read the membership contract before purchasing.

also included in legal shield monthly:

Family Matters

  • Uncontested Name Change Assistance

  • Uncontested Adoption Representation

  • Uncontested Separation Representation

  • Uncontested Divorce Representation

      *(Services above available for 90 days after sign up)

IRS Audit Legal Services

  • Coverage includes the return due on April 15th of the first membership year.

  • Up to fifty (50) hours of your Provider Law Firm's time for an IRS audit to include one (1) hour of services within the first 30 days of after receiving written notice of the audit. Followed by 2.5 hours beginning on the 31st day for representation at the audit and for negotiations, conferences, and telephone conversations with the attorney and settlement conferences. The remaining 46.5 hours in trial time or servicers for actual trial appearance if the IRS sues you or you sue the IRS after paying the disputed tax.

Certain exceptions and exclusions may apply, please read below and read the membership contract before purchasing.

Additional Benefits

Preferred Member Discount

25% off additional legal services including:

  • Lawsuits filed due to conditions that were foreseeable prior to enrollment

  • Charges of DUI/DWI, drug-related matters, hit and run, leaving the scene of an accident, unmeritorious cases, issues resulting from operating a commercial vehicle with more than two axles

  • Bankruptcy, contested divorce, contested separation, child custody, trust preparation

  • Charges of tax fraud or income tax evasions, trust returns, business (including Schedule C) and/or corporate tax returns, payroll and information returns, partnerships, corporation returns or portions thereof that are included in the Member's tax returns, or services rendered by an enrolled agent



Home Business Supplement

If you own a home business, are a consultant or have a rental property, you may need business legal advice and want to add our Home Business Supplement. The following provides a general overview of what our Home Business Supplement offers.

For more specific information, please view the full contract.

  • Must have the LegalShield Legal Plan

  • Wholly-owned and operated by member or member's spouse

  • No employees other than immediate family members


  • Advice

  • Legal Document Review (up to 15 pages each)

  • Letters and Phone Calls on Your Behalf

  • Debt Collection Letters on Your Behalf

  • Specialty Matters and Out-of-State Consultation

  • IRS Audit Legal Services

Additional Information and exclusions

Except where specifically provided, services are intended only for matters arising in the state of the member's primary residence.

25% off additional legal services. You may continue to use your Provider Attorney for legal situations that extend beyond plan coverage. The additional services are 25% off the law firm's standard hourly rates. Your Provider Attorney will let you know when the 25% discount applies, and go over these fees with you. This is a general overview of your legal plan coverage for illustration purposes only. The benefits described are not available in all states and Canadian provinces. See a plan contract for complete terms, coverage, amounts, conditions and exclusions.

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