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Time For Change!

43/7 Week / 10/16 Month / 6 Year

This week you are supported in taking action to change your situation. If you find your circumstances have become very different, or that your perceptions or understandings have made you conflicted about where you are (or whom you’re with) presently, it is time to change your situation!

Whether your restlessness is brought on by epiphany, enlightenment, painful truth, or secrets revealed, do not waste time being pulled in different directions by the emotions and minutia of your situation. Don’t let indecision be an excuse for inaction. Remember, that choosing one opportunity, desire, or direction isn’t not choosing the others that may also be important to you. It means that you are starting with this one.

It is time to do that thing that you know you can’t not do, or you’ll always wonder, “What if…”. Go for what you want, not for what you think you can get…


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