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The Truth Will Set You Free

This is a 7 week in a 6 month of a 6 year. Therefore a numeric & esoteric theme for this week is 19/The Sun, which indicates a time wherein more is brought to light. Newly revealed insights or information inspire you to chart a new direction. That said, you are not likely to be able to see the next 3 - 10 steps ahead. You will just know that you are exactly where you need to be until you know you need to be somewhere else. As you progress on your path forward, more truth will be revealed to shine a light on your next steps.

On a deeper level, The Sun can be indicative of freedom from fear, confusion, lies, secrets, shame, guilt, or self-doubt brought about by exposure, liberation, discovery, enlightenment, or epiphany…. As a result, you may experience a clean break, relief, clarity, forgiveness, grace, restoration, or a new start. Leaving the old behind while eagerly focusing on what lies ahead.

The light of the Divine in your heart reveals a coherence between your intellect and your faith, which empowers you to move forward.


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