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This is a 9 week in a 7 month of a 6 year. Therefore a numeric & esoteric theme for this week is 22/4. July of 2022 is a (13) month of radical change. The polarities between physical aspects of your life such as family, money, politics, relationships, personal expression and actions may seem further distanced from the other equally important spiritual aspects of your life such as faith, unconditional love, constructive emotion, wisdom, higher perspective, purposeful action & self-control. It is the “squaring” of your physical and spiritual life aspects that creates stability and a more enlightened consciousness with which to strategically manage your world and navigate forward.

Contentious introspection is imperative to developing a solid foundation in an ever-changing world. Take a deep, objective look at your inner self. Lose the self-deprecating emotional, shame-based or self-serving judgements. They are only a means of distraction and avoidance. Examine yourself. Who do you see yourself to be vs. who you are presenting yourself to be in varied situations? What are you creating vs. what you want to create? What are your habits and patterns in private and in public? Are they consistent with your faith? What inspires you? What do you value most vs. what you invest in the most?

By committing yourself to your faith, to love, to purpose, & and to authenticity, you can navigate the physical aspects of life with more clarity, consistency and coherence. By subduing your physical passions, realizing that they have a spiritual as well as a physical purpose and function, you can limit addictions & distractions and achieve an experience of a higher consciousness.

External stability starts with inner stability.


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