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Given that we have a relative perspective of our world and of all the creatures and spiritual forces therein, both seen and unseen, we cannot possibly comprehend all of the nuances and their purposes.

What we can do is stay clear enough to live in the present moment, seeing whatever is showing up right now, with whatever measure of perspective we are granted and then choose our steps intentionally, realizing that we too are here by the Divine's will and pleasure. Our understanding is not a requirement. Our awareness and conscious participation is.

At a time when there are so many contradicting narratives and voices vying to shape our perspectives, remember that you are only working with a measure of truth. The more you can admit to yourself and others that you don't know, the more potential you have to know more. Don't get carried away in all the grandstanding and theatrics.... Don't lose perspective.

- Jeff Crawford "Nashville's Shaman®"


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