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Look Deeper

This is a 39/12 week, 9/15 month, & 6 year.

For a second time this month, we find ourselves living in a powerful 3, 6, 9 flow of energy.

In the context of this week:

Three is a number of creating and collaborating in both desirable and undesirable ways. Six and Nine are spiral numbers, so whatever is being created this week is going to spread. Consider what you and others are creating against a backdrop of situations that are spiraling out of control (or are about to)… We are, of course, already seeing this on a global level today!

Nine is a number of introspection and reflection. This whole month has been strong on the theme of self-examination. Nine, within the broader context of six & fifteen, is indicative of using self-evaluation and experience as teachers & motivators for breaking out of (or getting even more stuck in) old patterns of behavior.

Six is indicative of balance, harmony and success (or the extreme opposites of those) and lends itself to strong emotional actions and reactions that are connected to the extremes of completely coming together, or pulling apart.

With September being a 9/15 month this year, it will feel more difficult than usual to break free of old patterns and limiting habits of behavior. The temptation will be to divert or distract yourself from examining the core issues by initiating new interests, relationships and habits. To have the appearance of turning over a “new leaf”, while completely ignoring what caused the old leaf to wither. At the same time, October is pulling you forward with the anticipation of change, breakthroughs and opportunities.

Change is coming. Prepare yourself to leverage the opportunity for constructive and fulfilling change by looking deeper now.


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