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Just Do It!

This is a 37/10 week, 9/15 month, & 6 year.

September 10th is the Harvest Moon!

While this opportunity to get things moving in a more desired direction applies to all aspects of our lives, this one is especially important as it pertains to unhealthy relationships. Emotions are likely to run high. The temptation may be strong to just go along to get along, or to allow your inner impulsiveness, compulsiveness, self-indulgence, or escapism to take over. Remember, indecisiveness is a decision to allow other people or circumstances to decide your fate.

Guilt and shame are not a healthy basis for healthy choices.

If you are ever going to break free from self-limiting situations, relationships, and circumstances, this is the time! Especially since the Harvest Moon is on September 10th! Don’t just establish an intention for the full moon, ACT ON IT!


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