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Ground Yourself

This week is a 40 week / 10/16 month / 6 year.


October 2022 is a 10/16 month in a 6 year.

10 is indicative of reaping what you have sewn….and THEN SOME. If you take steps in creating what you want, you are likely to obtain it and then some. If you take steps with built-in compromises, concessions, and self-limitations, you are likely to experience all of those and then some….

16 is indicative of uncomfortable, unexpected, sudden shifts that change everything. The nature of these shifts tends to be out of your control.

6 is a number of balance, unity, success, or the extreme opposites (when out of balance). Emotions can run high in desirable and undesirable ways as 6’s energy either brings people and situations together or drives them in opposite directions.

Against that backdrop, we have a different major area of our lives brought to our attention each week by this 10/16/6 energy and resulting events:

Week 40: Family, Home, Health, Job, Finances

Week 41: Institutions, Government, Schools, Banks, Your Faith, Traditions, Expectations, Norms, etc…

Week 42: Your own self-perceptions, emotions, interpersonal relationships, romantic relationships, family relationships, collaborative relationships, the things that well up from within you, etc…

Week 43: Your spiritual evolution, integrity, enlightenment, inspiration, change in perspectives and understandings. This will also involve big changes, secrets revealed, new systems, new processes, new rules, etc…

Needless to say, October looks like it has the potential to utilize forces beyond your control to carry whatever you have set into motion to a level further than what you anticipated. Make it count! Ground yourself. Take time to fortify relationships with those who are most dear to you. Mean what you say and say what you mean. Do what you mean and mean what you do. Go for what you want, not for what you think you can get.


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