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Check Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself

This is a 38/11 week, 9/15 month, & 6 year.

Given this week’s emphasis on the truth revealed, I suspect that we are going to be learning more inconvenient truths this week on a global and interpersonal scale. I know, that is not exactly unique to us lately, but it is a prominent numeric theme this week.

Make sure that you are being honest with yourself. Avoid self-serving rationalizations and justifications to support actions or reactions that are inconsistent with your inner character and are ultimately creating self-limiting patterns and situations for you.

Be cautious to not be so attached or vested in being “right” that you cannot admit that you were deceived, or wrong, and begin taking constructive actions for healing.

Make sure that the company you keep values truth above political correctness or situational ethics. People with the compulsion to judge, accuse, or condemn are revealing more about themselves than anyone else. Do your friends support you in your “better nature”? Or do you find yourself feeling a sense of self-betrayal while going along to get along?

Don’t be quick to judge and condemn those whose sins are revealed. But for the grace of God, it could be you in the limelight.

Remember that “the truth will set you free”. Live in your truth.


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