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THANK YOU, Tira for sharing your experience and recommendation!

THANK YOU, Tira for sharing your experience and recommendation!

Tarot Reading Testimonial: When I first went to see Jeff, I was a little reserved. I wanted to be sure I hadn’t fallen prey to yet another reader that got his signals mixed up with someone other than myself. I went into the session providing little information about the reason for my visit. I didn’t even KNOW what the reason for my visit was. I just knew that my spirit was led to him for reasons beyond my own understanding (at that time). Once he started with his reading, he touched on subject I’d been contemplating but did not mention. From that point on, he continued to hit the nail on the head for every aspect and issue I had concerns about. I was so impressed at the end of my tarot reading, that I signed up for his Tarot Class.

Tarot Class Testimonial: When I signed up for Jeff’s "Learn to Read the Tarot” class, I simply didn’t believe that he’d be able to teach me the Tarot in two days. I just didn’t believe it. Jeff did not disappoint! Not only did I learn the Tarot, but I left the class feeling confident that I could give a reading to others. To say “I’m pleased.” Is an understatement. He simplifies it and will not move on until you’re comfortable. Please don’t rely on YouTube to teach you Tarot. Go to someone with a reputation that can take the time you need to help you fully understand the process. Thank you Jeff!

Tira A

PS…..I’ve scheduled 8 people [for readings] so far.

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