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This "vacation" has worn me out! 😉

This "vacation" has worn me out! That said, I am ready to be back home and back to work!

There have not been as many photos posted from this trip because it has been, in all honesty, a really beautiful, magical, and CHALLENGING experience. I have been led to experience more epiphanies and realizations/understandings that come from a deeper place. Look for some of those in my forthcoming posts.

Thank you to everyone who donated clothes and reading glasses. They were hugely needed and appreciated. Over the next several months I will continue to collect clothes for children. My brother-in-law is also in need of money ( $1,600) to complete the dormitories at the Ayahuasca retreat center that he is building. Give me a shout should you want to donate anything.

I will be back in Nashville and resuming services on February 11th.

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