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Jeff Crawford The Nashville Shaman

How does one go from being a protestant minister, contemporary christian singer/songwriter, published author of church discipleship materials, senior professional in human resources and accomplished insurance agent to becoming ....a shaman???

In 2012, Jeff made Peruvian history by becoming the first white foreigner in the history of Peru to be legally adopted by an indigenous family! Jeff is legally adopted by a Shipibo family and recognized as a member of the Shipibo tribe; an indigenous people along the Ucayali River in the Amazonian rainforest. The Shipibo are famous for ayahuasca shamanism.

While integrating with his new family, Jeff enjoys the privilege of learning about interdimensional healing energy & rituals from his father and brother-in-law who are both highly respected shaman. In 2015, Jeff’s father & brother-in-law officially recognized Jeff as a shaman. They did so after they observed and experienced the synthesis in Jeff’s use of ancient and modern spiritual energy practices and sacred connectedness to effect profound psychic, physical, mental, spiritual, and interdimensional healing on tribal members with difficult and complicated cases.

In this presentation, Jeff will be discussing his shamanic journey as well as some of what he has learned about Shipibo shamanism, mysticism and the sacred meanings and functions of the images and designs in his family’s tapestries, mandalas, artwork and spiritual aids.

RSVP please so we know you are coming. To Cosmic: 615.463.7677

More about Jeff at:

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