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Escalated Experiences of Spiritual Phenomena

Now that we are in a time when the veil between worlds is thinnest, you may be confronted with the escalated experiences of spiritual phenomena. Who doesn’t enjoy indulging our shadow side as we playfully interact with monsters and the mysterious, realizing our deep innate connection to all of it?

This may also be a time when you are facing major changes or the not-so-subtle feeling that change is going to happen (whether you are ready or not). How do you respond to change? Do you look away (as though not acknowledging the change will make it disappear)? Do you try to bargain with God or the Universe to negotiate the change? Do you wait for change to run you over, leaving you devastated, disillusioned and unprepared? Or do you embrace the coming changes, realizing that the death of some aspects of your current experience may make way for new possibilities, epiphanies, enlightenment and the potential for something more fulfilling?

Perhaps this is when you get to graduate to “the next level” of your evolutionary experience, taking with you all the knowledge, skills, and tools you have accumulated thus far. Albeit mysterious, uncomfortable, and even scary at times, it is during times of change that we feel the building tension, which has the potential to catapult us into that next big adventure.

Realize too, that you are not alone. You can feel it most intensely this time of year. Allow yourself to experience the crowd of witnesses, those you love and those who love you from beyond the veil, as they urge you forward in your courage and your purpose. Feel their hopeful excitement as you throw off everything that weighs you down, persevering with faith and anticipation.

I am here, should you want support, guidance, and healing along your way.


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