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Sharing a Little EnLIGHTenment

Lights are everywhere this time of year! What is it about light that seems to so beautifully express the traditional sentiments of love, generosity, and warmth? Light reveals truth and the truth sets you free. Sounds pretty cliché, I know, but stay with me. Consider how light was used by Christ and other ascended masters. The Light was not used as a weapon with which to point out all your limitations and imperfections. (We have perversely been conditioned to do that to ourselves and those we care about by people and forces who want to control us). No, Christ and other ascended masters used the Light to show us who and what we are! They demonstrated the power within themselves in order to show us what we can do, because we are made like them. In fact, Christ said that we will do even greater things than the many miracles and healings He had demonstrated (John 14:12-14). Within all of us is the divine spark, or the Light… the part of us which is the Creator living within the creation (you/us) as an extension of the Creator’s self while still creating! Whether you discover your divine spark through the teachings of Christ, the many Christ legends which pre-date the man, Jesus, other ascended masters, or the faces of God as experienced by people of various faiths and traditions all over the world… That divine spark within you, the Light, is the nature of what is being celebrated. So, as you observe all the lights around you this time of year, imagine that each represents you, your loved ones, your community, every person who’s light turns on in that moment when they realize the significance of the power (the Light) which resides within and then choose to use it … The power to heal ourselves and others, the power to change our oppressive situations, the power to be truthful and loving….the power to experience the miraculous……the power to join our divine sparks together, to ignite the Light in those around us, and to change the world. Should your light need activation, or simply given a boost, I am always available to offer healing, intuitive counsel, and encouragement. Together we can help you experience magical & healing energy that this time of year holds. I wish you happiness, love, and endless perfect moments during this holiday season and throughout the new year. Jeff

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