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Tarot & Numerology Insights for Week 39 of 2018

Tarot & Numerology Insights for Week 39 or 2018:

Perspective is the focus of this week. Make it a point to observe how other people are experiencing you and your interactions with them. Think of it this way…. Everyone lives in their own “movie”. In their “movie”, they are the main character and point of view. Anyone else in their lives represents supporting roles. Now is an opportune time to intentionally step outside of your movie and sit with other people in theirs. Experience their world as they do. Experience yourself as they experience you. What do you have in common? What has changed? What can you sense may be the underlying motivations for their behaviors, intentions, and interactions? There is no need to judge what you observe. Just see what is. Perceive more with your heart & intuition than with your logic. Doing so will give you insights into what may be happening behind the scenes that is not obviously apparent. Secondly, focus on your happiness and the happiness of others. Consider creative ways to accomplish both. Don’t shy away from expressing your observations and your feelings. Permit them to be useful as a basis for a new beginning established upon the new realizations. Needless or dramatic self-sacrifice is not going to win you any kudos this week. Dare to live a little impulsively. Allow your personal insights and realizations over the past several weeks to support the expansion of your boundaries, thought processes, and influence. Remember that a great deal of wisdom comes from past failures. Without them, you would not be liberated from outdated paradigms and limitations. Guilt and shame are of no use to you or anyone else. Leave them behind as you move step at a time… Emailed personal weekly forecasts are available for $30 each. Contact me at

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