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Tarot & Numerology Insights for Week 38 of 2018

Tarot & Numerology Insights for Week 38 of 2018: In numerology, this is a pretty significant week! We are in an 11/2 week of a 20/11/2 month of an 11/2 year! You thought the truth was coming out before? Hold onto your seat, because here comes…. MORE! Governments, political leaders, religious leaders, and celebrities continue to burp up more secrets, scandals, and indiscretions. You may be personally experiencing more realizations as the debris of truths that would be otherwise deeply buried, wash up on the shore of your consciousness. There may be details forgotten, minimized, or purposefully hidden. Difficult or challenging memories dislodged and floating to the surface... The veil of deception blown away, exposing the culprits… As you are faced with and experience the revelation of truth.… LEARN FROM IT. The process of deciphering, embracing, and incorporating the truth is far more valuable than emotional dramatics, accusations, grudges, and punishments. Accept things exactly as they are without inflating or diminishing various aspects. Hindsight is ridiculous and unhelpful when used for blame or shame. Stop it. Use what you are learning from the past to move forward with a sense of empowerment, grace, and ease. Emotions can run deep and volatile. Don’t allow things to build up inside you. Express your feelings honestly and constructively. Your transparency is your power. There is no need to hurt yourself or others when feeling the effects for the truth realized. Remember to cut away all the stuff that is immaterial (assumptions, presumptions, emotions, projections, etc.). The truth is the facts; not all that other stuff. Be at ease with what is yours to own and control….and what is not. Avoiding, “getting over it”, and forgetting is not our objective now. Recognizing, accepting, and incorporating will build a solid foundation for the next leg of the journey. Emailed personal weekly forecasts are available for $30 each. Contact me at

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