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Tarot Insights for Week 30:

Communication is the major creative force now and for the next several weeks. It is important to express your authentic truth, thoughts, and feelings. Say what you mean & mean what you say. Do what you mean and mean what you do. Whatever you express or suppress will set the stage for what is to be created (or not). Listening is an important part of communication. Remember that you have 2 ears and only 1 mouth! Listen and confirm your understanding so that what you say is thoughtful, strategic, authentic, and relevant. In a world of dis-information, weigh what is being said. Listen to your intuition and sense when the communication seems to resonate (or when it doesn’t!). This will help you to sort out the facts from the emotional or manipulative clutter. Be honest with yourself and with other people…even if it means that you change your mind. Clear communication has the power to transform and make a way for peace, partnerships, and new possibilities. I would love to hear how you are experiencing the creative impact of active listening in your world this week. Please visit my website at to book your personal reading, coaching, or healing session today.

— at Jeff Crawford - Quantum Light Shamanic Healing.

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