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Tarot Insights for Week 29 of 2018:

Tarot Insights for Week 29 of 2018: Have you been seeing a lot of 11:11’s lately? Well, you may see even more this week! This is an “11” week in an “11” year, so just think of it as “11:11” week! You want to be particularly fixated on the facts of each situation as you navigate crossroads, choices, dualities, partnerships, connections, and differences. See what is evident, but also be mindful of what is not accounted for. What are the disconnects, gaps, missing pieces, or inconsistencies in the contracts, paperwork, agreements, propositions, beliefs, theologies, personal narratives, and explanations you have to consider? Give yourself ample time to weigh out pros and cons without the extra clutter of emotional thinking, presumptions, assumptions, and projections that would cloud your vision. “Just the facts” and “It is what it is” are two very good mottos as you navigate this week. Because this is also a strong numerical theme for connections, don’t be surprised if some meaningful person or persons make their introductory appearance on your journey. Stay authentic in order to build a strong foundation in such relationships. Honor your own intuitive compass and gut feelings. If you KNOW that you know something, even if you don’t know how you know it, pay attention! Do not act impulsively or under pressure. Maintain healthy boundaries. Be accepting of what becomes evident in yourself and in others without judgment. Especially if persons or situations from your past intersect with your present. Acceptance does not obligate you to any choice or outcome, but it does allow you to consider what is without feeling threatened, pressured, blind, or manipulated.

— at Jeff Crawford - Quantum Light Shamanic Healing.

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