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Tarot Insights for Week 28 of 2018:

This week you really want to strategically focus your energy and intent on what your heart truly, authentically, desires to create. Areas of business, relationships (especially new business relationships), spiritual endeavors, and personal power will be of particular importance. Numerologically, we are in a “10” week in a “10” month in a “10 decade”. This is a magical time to create what you desire to manifest in your world. Think of it as the Creator handing you a magic wand and then stepping inside you to experience YOU as an extension of the Creator in the act of creating. The Universe pauses to say, ” Okay… We’ve brought you this far and you’ve had a lot of life learning and evolving. Who are you now?” and “In the power of your free will, what will you create? How will your next actions demonstrate and express who you’ve become and what you desire?”. The only “wrong” action or expression is one that is not authentic. If you invest yourself in empowering behaviors and endeavors, you will create an empowered experience. If you invest yourself in self-limiting endeavors, you will successfully create self-limitation in your life. You will reap what you sew….and then some. The magic of luck is on your side. What will you do with it? Reflect upon past experience, wisdom and insights you have gained. Strategically apply those to establish a new landscape for the next leg of your journey. You may seize this week to clear clutter, toxic relationships, and situations that do not serve you as you focus your intention and energy on a new beginning. You may want to delegate some of what you have already successfully created to make room and energy for new or budding interests. You may want to form new strategic relationships for collaboration and partnerships. New spiritual or practical epiphanies may inspire you with boldness to try new approaches in your relationships. Note that July 10th is the 10th day in a “10” week in a “10” month in a “10” decade! If there is ever a perfect time for new beginnings or taking things to the next level, this is the day!

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