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Tarot Insights For Week 26 of 2018:

Don’t be surprised this week if you experience epiphanies, receive important news, or are presented with new opportunities and/or decisions which come in all at once and may require quick action on your part. Areas of business, budding relationships, spiritual awareness, and personal power are most likely to be effected.

Balance is your key to success. While passions and potentialities create a sense of pressure to respond, let balance and gut instincts (intuition) form a reliable compass as you negotiate your life experiences. With new information comes new understandings and viewpoints, which can change everything. Give yourself the time and space to strategically determine the strongest response; the response which serves to create what you desire most for your future. Maintain appreciation for the relationships and assets you have as you contemplate the next steps toward what you desire to achieve. Be creative and resourceful as you navigate your way to resolutions.

Stay in your personal power. Remember that you are proactively or reactively choosing your words & actions in every situation that presents itself. Every word and action creates a reaction. Sometimes silence is heard the loudest. Grace can be more overwhelming than righteous indignation. At other times, the truth demands a bold voice to create or reveal a new landscape for the next leg of the journey.

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